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Astrology, Human Design, Psychology, Manifestation & co-creating with the universe are Kathi's gems. Kathi does Birth Chart Readings, Yearly Forecast Readings, Cosmic Alignment Mentoring and Human Design Readings. As a Sagittarius Rising she loves to explore the world, not only physically, but mentally. Her Leo heart believes in the greatest potential of every human on this planet. We are all here for a reason and it's the fire in her soul to bring awareness to all of us, so we can live more consciously and meaningful. Changing the world starts within ourselves and understanding our cosmic blueprint and the gift we are here to share with the world is the most magical way of doing so. It is Kathi's mission to reconnect every human to their TRUE SOUL MISSION that is written in the stars. Not only does this elevate your own vibration, but also the frequency of the universe at large. You can DM her on Instagram for personal consultations.