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Win or Lose: how to use Astrology to be successful in 2020!

BY Kathi Hillenberg

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Every BossBabe under the sun is determined right now with planning to be successful in 2020, right? It's the final month of the year, but also the preparation for a whole new decade! It's huge, and as a conscious business woman, you feel that there is some major uplevelling in the air, don't you?

You might wonder what the best success strategy would look like or just made the commitment to finally start your own business at all. The question is: what differentiates an aspiring business woman from a successful BossBabe leading her own empire in the new decade? Well, the ladder one knows how to use the tools of a queen to build her queendom and impact the world! The good news is, it was never easier for you to do the same!

Embrace your JUPITER: get more MONEY, SUCCESS and LUCK in Business!

How to be success in 2020 is written in the stars…

Up until this point journaling, meditating, visualizing and scripting were the “go-to tools” to manifest your dreams. And they definitely helped many busy babes to get their mindset straight and tap their stilettos into spirituality. But here me when I say, that we have to step up our cosmic game in 2020. Astrology is the new secret to success, because those who speak the language of the heavens know how to ask for the right opportunities, circumstances and outcomes for every area of their life. The interesting thing is, that this is not new at all. Kings and Queens have used Astrology before and it's even said that still to this day the most powerful and rich people know how to leverage Astrology to increase they influence.

If this doesn't convince you, then let me tell you that we start off this new decade with 5 significant planets in Capricorn, the most hard working sign in the zodiac! One of which is Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and good fortune. We have already covered the significance of your natal Jupiter placement to build success for you. In this article I also explained the importance of Jupiter transits. Now that Jupiter is out of its home sign Sagittarius and in Capricorn, we can take our vision of the future and finally make it our reality. This is what Jupiter in Capricorn is all about. Yes it might seem like hard work, but the work in Capricorn always leads to success if you understand the kind of work that is required from you.

Do you miss the chance for your breakthrough?

What we have to understand about 2020 is that it is the time of making a clear cut decision. Do you still hold yourself back because of old stories, being too tired or some other excuse? Do you still believe that you have “enough time” to start acting, so you keep visualizing and dreaming?

Because that's the thing about Jupiter in Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled sign, that also rules time, the time is NOW. This goes beyond New Years resolutions and good intentions. Capricorn wants us to put in the work. We've spend enough time preparing, gathering information and strategies and watching everyone else building their businesses. 2020 is the year that YOU build your legacy! Everything you have to do is to dive into your cosmic blueprint and understand the bigger vision of your soul. As long as you do the actions, that are in alignment with your path, Jupiter in Capricorn will bring you all the blessings. Pair that with leveraging your own natal Jupiter placement and you will be the BossBabe you have always been looking up to – your own role model and the embodiment of the Queen you know lives inside of you.

Jupiter sees you and he will be with you and your actions until December 2020. What a great time to be alive and build your legacy! Happy Queenmas, BossBabe!


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