Fresh, new focus comes from this upcoming New Moon in Libra as it prepares us to relax, balance and calm our lives from the busy virgo season. We got a lot of necessary sh*t done, implemented new routines, said goodbye to systems that no longer work and improved our habits to the max. After all, we are ambitious BossBabes who desire to impact the world, aren’t we? So Virgo’s detail oriented improvement vibes definitely got us focused to kick booties and prep everything for these last couple of months in 2019.

But wait – maybe we have been a little bit too focused on improving ourselves and our beloved business. This New Moon ignites our fire to network again, see friends and enjoy life. Love is in the air! Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication already bring the desire for romance in our life. Isn’t it all about balance anyway? As much as we love our career and the legacy we’re building, we are human and we also crave a good girls night out or a pumpkin spice latte chat with our very best friend (or a cute guy, right?).

The good news is: Libra season makes us finally see and feel that we can actually HAVE BOTH. We don’t need to choose one or the other and this New Moon puts the spotlight on the areas we benefit most from more balance. So get your crystals together, set some intentions and see harmony and magic fall into place for you!

Showtime for the New Moon in Libra according to your timezone:

LOS ANGELES = Saturday * 28 Sept 2019 * 11:26:21 am (PDT)
NEW YORK = Saturday * 28 September 2019 * 2:26:21 pm (EDT)
BERLIN = Saturday * 28 September 2019 * 8:26:21 pm (CEST)
LONDON = Saturday * 28 September 2019 * 7:26:21 pm (BST)
SYDNEY = Sunday * 29 September 2019 * 4:26:21 am (AEST)

Your secret calling for balance (according to your sun + rising sign)

ARIES sun + rising

You love to be by yourself and you love to do everything you are passionate about. Life is fun as long as you can do whatever you want, right? But even you, Aries, sometimes realize that shared fun can be even more uplifting. Virgo season took its toll on you. While you love to create routines with fun things to do every day, there was a certain pressure and perfectionistic tendency when it comes to your body and nutrition. Maybe you’ve been a bit too restrictive and lost track of your fun side.

This new moon invites you to schedule a date with your loved one to enjoy the sweetness and sexiness of life. Get that little black dress out, wear some heals and your favorite lipstick and then indulge in your favorite restaurant. You and your loved one will have THE best time and you will feel how a little intimate duo-time contributes to your wellbeing, especially if you focus on listening more than talking. If you are single – get on a dating app or out into the city and meet up with a potential soulmate, because even you, Aries, love to be a duo sometimes.

TAURUS sun + rising

Oh how comfy and shiny your home looks like after all the Virgo upgrades. The season of improvement and optimization surely not only reorganized your physical home, but also your mental casa. You feel safe and empowered again with such a strong anchor as your backbone. But have you been a little bit too strict here and there for the sake of improvement? Could you allow yourself a little bit more mental and physical space to play around?

This New Moon in Libra reminds you to take a more balanced approach, especially when it comes to your nutrition and health routine. You as a Taurus know that your body is your temple. So allow that temple to experience the full, juicy spectrum of life – including a gooey piece of chocolate pie if you have some cravings. No worries, little treats like that won’t bring unpredictable weight fluctuations. As long as you listen to your vessle, it will also signal you which vitamins and mental treatments it needs. Could you maybe also benefit from a little more „work-life, especially social life-balance“?

GEMINI sun + rising

As a gemini you definitely understand that life has more than one side. We live in a multiverse after all! Virgo’s nit-picking tendencies definitely put a bit of pressure on you, didn’t it?

Thank god this New Moon in Libra sets the tone for the new season of balance that will hit you right in your house of passion and pleasure with some sprinkles of joy and laughter. You are a social creature anyways! So Libra season highlights your fire for chatty conversations and interactions with loved ones. So go out, have fun and enjoy the fresh autumn vibes with a pumpkin spiced latte and your favorite BossBabe besties just as much as you spend time alone to recharge your chatty batteries. It’s all about balance right now, so don’t lose yourself in too many conversations. The chat you have with yourself is just as important!

CANCER sun + rising

Your passion for other people’s emotional well-being definitely lit up during virgo season. What a blast to serve the world on such a deep level, right? You loved it and your emotional hard drive is definitely highly charged. But what about you Cancer? Serving the world with your empathic gifts is beautiful, isn’t it?

However this New Moon reminds you of your roots, so you can also serve the very people who raised you. You love your home. And even if you have some issues with your family, you will always love them regardless. Spend some quality time in your home town or simply in familiar places with people who feel like home. It’s these moments where you find home within yourself and the world as well.

LEO sun + rising

Fire, arms, passion! Finally we are out of Virgo season, because you, Leo, have been desperately waiting for this nit-picking time to end, didn’t you? Sometimes it’s hard for you to admit that you have room for improvement, especially after you’ve been shining the brightest in your own season. So Virgo’s perfectionistic tendencies can mess with your self image, causing an emotional roller coaster.

This New Moon in Libra reminds you that you don’t have to create a picture, perfect image of yourself in order to demonstrate your queendom. Even queens have flaws and quite frankly we love when they share these with the world, so we can relate to our beloved queens even more. As much as this might be a challenge for you, the powerful Libra energy invites you to share the more vulnerable and less majestic side of you. Trust this calling! The people who listen to you will then actually honor you more!

VIRGO sun + rising

The New Moon in Libra is the final goodbye to your sunny season, Virgo! And in some way it feels like a breath of fresh air. You can finally relax a little more, raise your head and let go of the constant improvement you feel the pressure to seek for. We know you are the queen of details, but sometimes you really benefit from seeing the bigger picture, especially to serve even better.

You business and your wellbeing will flourish right now with this luna spotlight in your second house of finances and self worth. It’s time to celebrate your hard Virgo work. You improved SO much! Be proud of yourself, set some intentions for your new direction, so you can harvest your seeds very soon. Expect a boost in your finances, new business opportunities and a great sense of self worth while you are in service to the world.

LIBRA sun + rising

Finally you can let go of the strictness and hectic of the last weeks. We’ve all been through a lot since July, haven’t we? While there were many hearings and upgrades, you crave more harmony and balance – especially within yourself!

You might have been too busy saving the world and everyone around you, that this New Moon reminder to take care of YOUR inner world really hits home for you. Take your time. Balance yourself and reflect it to the world. Sometimes thats the most BossBabe thing you can do as the leader of balance!

SCORPIO sun + rising

A New Moon in Libra in your sector of spirituality could be a interesting combo, Scorpio! You love the depths of the world. You love to dive deep with people, but also with your work! Maybe you’ve been putting a little bit too much effort into the details and strategies of your career?

It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to surrender to the universe. As long as you follow your bliss, you can let a little loose and follow Libra’s advice to balance your efforts with a bit more play and fun. The universe will soon reward you with miraculous ways to make your New Moon intentions a reality!

SAGITTARIUS sun + rising

Oh we know you love to be everywhere and anywhere to enjoy life, Sag! There are so many things in life to explore, aren’t there? Chances are you have been emerging yourself into work adventures during Virgo season and it served you and your business very well.

This New Moon calls you to bring more balance between your work related relationships and your family life. Have you neglected your friends? Or perhaps forgotten to text your sister in the busy improvement times of Virgo? Take inventory and reach out to the people you missed out on. These connections will now be filled with extra love!

CAPRICORN sun + rising

You have been loving the busy Virgo Season times, haven’t you? In true old Capricorn fashion you might have optimized your travel schedule for the next months and sneaked in many business trips, that not only support your career goals, but also your travel spirit.

With this New Moon in Libra you are invited to take your foot from the gas a little bit. We know you are a hard worker and your ambition is very appreciated. However this Libra Moon wants you to know, that you are loved without achieving anything too. Could it be helpful to detach yourself for a while from your „work self“ and honor the more vulnerable, playful you? You will notice that this emotional side of you even benefits your social status and business. Trust that Libra balance!

AQUARIUS sun + rising

This New Moon in Libra asks you to look at the areas in life that come not so natural to you, Aquarius. You naturally love to be detached from everyone, serving the collective. You love to be out there in the world, not just physically, but also mentally.

With this harmonious New Moon you are invited to balance your free and out there nature with some quality time with your siblings if you have not talked to them in a while. If you feel like you have been too focused on interpersonal communication, you might also feel called to plan new travel adventures to satisfy your passion for the world at large. Listen to your intuition to find out which area needs balance right now. Love and meaningful conversations will be your reward. (Maybe even within yourself)

PISCES sun + rising

Oh what a bliss this Full Moon in your home energy was, Pisces! You loved it, because you truly felt how the whole universe was applauding you to your excellence relative to surrendering and trusting. Most of the time you don’t understand the world down here anyways. Why don’t we just all swim with you in the ocean of the universe, right?

Well, Pisces, this New Moon gives you the answer! It’s about balance. We are on this planet to learn some lessons to help the universe, your best buddy, to evolve and grow. So where have you denied some shadow aspects of yourself? Where are the hidden things that also want to be explored by you? We need you down here, in the depths of this physical world. Some come, join us! Explore your physical ocean. It might not always be as sparkly, as up in the sky, but you will be rewarded by deep, intimate connections!


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