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4 Ways Your Dating Life Is Impacting Your Business

BY Team BossBabe


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Dating in itself is a challenging task, but factor in dating and being an entrepreneur, it becomes much more challenging than the average person’s love life.

How do we know? Well, because we’ve been there ourselves.

Think divorces, breakups, breakthroughs and marriages. 

In one of our recent podcasts, we sat down with dating expert Matthew Hussey to discuss how your love life can impact your business in more ways than one.

Here are 4 of the ways we learned that your dating life is impacting your business:

Dealing With Heartbreak

Dealing with heartbreak and running a business isn't quite the ideal mix. When something as traumatic as a heartbreak happens in your life you tend to carry over that feeling into your daily tasks including maintaining your business. 

Why? Because your focus has completely shifted and your work: life balance is totally out of sync. And to be fair, heartbreak can cause much more than emotional pain, it can cause physical pain as well. So, yes it is detrimental to your health.

Tip: There is no step-by-step guide when it comes to dealing with heartbreak – but that’s just it… you don’t “deal” with it you “grow” through it. Reflect back on moments you can grow from and use those memories to build new practices in your personal and professional life.


Dreading Being Single & Lonely

If the thought of being single correlates with you being alone then this probably means that you amount your self-worth to only romantic relationships and completely ignore the ones you have established with your friends and families. 

Try to rethink what areas in your life you may feel alone and aim to understand that one specific area doesn't account for your whole entire life.

Why? Because having this mentality will greatly affect your business in a negative way. The same way you aren’t fulfilled in your relationships will translate over into you not being fulfilled with the progress you’ve made in your business. 

Take a step back, revel in the abundance of blessings you do have around you and switch gears to help you realize that a romantic relationship doesn't define your self-worth.

Tip: Whenever the thoughts of being lonely cross your mind grab your journal and write exactly what you are feeling at that moment. Then, write a second letter from the future you explaining how thankful you are for your new romantic and business relationships.



Before entering a relationship your self-esteem and confidence level should be as high as the goals you have for your company. No person in the world should be able to break your self-esteem as these feelings are inherently how you show up and view yourself in everyday life whether in a relationship or not.

Why? Because not only does your self-esteem affect your personal life but it also affects your work ethic too. So, that means when it comes time to pitch your brand and meet with investors, the delivery of your ideas won't be as strong as they could be which could possibly result in a declined offer. 

Tip: Remind yourself on a daily basis of all the wonderful qualities (physical and non-physical) you love about yourself. Say these out loud as if you were pitching this message to a brand. 


Your Pessimistic About The Future

When you imagine your future from a negative point of view, 9 times out of 10 that is usually what you will attract. And that goes for your work life and your love life. If you haven't heard before – your thoughts totally shape your future, meaning what you think will eventually manifest

So, try to eliminate that lingering thought of you being single and miserable for the rest of your life or the thought of your business failing within the first few years.

Why? Because you will subconsciously start self-sabotaging these areas in your life. Not because you want to, but because you’ve already made up your mind that this is the only outcome.

Tip: Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, ask yourself “is this what I want to happen?” If the answer is “no,” (which we absolutely hope it is) then train yourself to rewire your brain to start to think of all the good things that could possibly happen instead.

Your love life and your business actually have much more in common than you may think. Ironically, they tend to mirror each other depending on your perspective. Take the time to really analyze what work you can do towards your love life and watch the benefits roll over into your business.


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