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Embrace your JUPITER: get more MONEY, SUCCESS and LUCK in Business!

BY Kathi Hillenberg

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, growth and fulfillment in Astrology. It always brings blessings when it activates important natal planets in your birth chart. But you don't have to wait for an activation by transit. Your personal Jupiter placement already gives you a very promising strategy for you own personal success. So why not leverage what is written in the stars for you?

Activate your Jupiter, Babe!

We already discovered that your astrological Birth Chart reveals important strategies for your success in Business. It's the 10th house and your Midheaven that can predict areas in your life that are very promising for your entrepreneurial journey. However this is only one piece of the grand puzzle of your birth chart. There is a reason why Kings and Queens worked with professional Astrologers to help them make the very best decisions for their personal fulfillment. A big key player right there is your Jupiter placement!

Discover your Business Success Strategy with Astrology and your Birth Chart!

As the planet of luck, expansion and success, it is Jupiter's role to make everything in your life bigger, bolder and covered in optimism and faith. Wherever Jupiter is placed in your birth chart, you will feel a glimpse of hope, empowerment and natural curiosity paired with excitement. This is the perfect feeling state to implement in your business. In fact, there is a good chance, that you already work with your Jupiter qualities intuitively feeling that they hold a lot of blessings in stall for you. Whenever you feel stuck or disempowered in your entrepreneurial journey, you are being asked to embrace your natal Jupiter more. He will help you get back on track, as he is most likely working with your soul's purpose anyways.

Jupiter in the signs


Action, Baby! You are a star at initiating projects and bringing ideas to life. Don't let self doubt stop you from believing in the amazing ideas you have. Jupiter in Aries helps you focus on your own starting power and can possibly even help to inspire others to do the same, as you lead the way.


Embrace the beauty of life, the earth and our material world. This might sound superficial, but with Jupiter in Taurus you understand that our five senses lead the way. Self care, good food and quality time determine the quality of your life and business and set the foundation for anything you create as a contribution for this world.


Let's get social, babe! Jupiter in Gemini gifts you with the ability to soak up knowledge like a sponge. It's easy for you to learn languages and connect with people on an intellectual level. There is never an awkward silent moment with you in a room. Use this gift in networking events or other social gatherings and you will be surprised what kind of doors Jupiter opens up for you.


Big, big feeling energy with Jupiter in Cancer. You have the ability to be the grand mother in your business, not just for employees, but also for clients. There is a warmth to your aura and you love to make others feel safe and secure. Because of your stable outlook on life in general, you are gifted when it comes to money management and could even have very good fortune when investing in real estate.


Leo rules the heart and thus wants to be the center of attention, just like the heart center in our body. If you activate your Jupiter placement from the heart, you will be rewarded with blessings all the way. There will be a magnetism about you, that has the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. Check in with your ego though, as the highest expression of this placement is to use it in leading service for the divine and the next generation, not for your own personal power.


Even though Jupiter doesn't like to be in Virgo, this placement can make you very successful in business. Analytical skills and the ability to serve others is amplified with Jupiter in Virgo. You might find it fascinating to analyze people, themes or patterns in order to help others to improve and rise to their highest calling. Jupiter in Virgo can be the healer in it's highest form, if you keep in mind that you don't have to be perfect to act on it.


With Jupiter in Libra you can help bring peace and harmony in any social situation. You can bring a non judgmental aura in your work space, that could even be beneficial in the areas of law. As Libra is ruled by Venus, you might also be excited about the beauty industry, art or fashion.


You are not afraid to face the dark side of life. In fact, Jupiter helps you to always see the positive polarity of even the most horrible things in life. You see their purpose and can help others to make sense of their terror as well. This is a great placement for spiritual guides, Astrologers and mystics, who love to focus on the spiritual truths of this universe, that help the collective to transform.


Hello world, show me what you have to offer, so I can find my truth and teach humanity! That's Jupiter in its home sign Sagittarius. You probably always have a positive outlook on life and people might always associate you with being “the lucky one”. Jupiter is definitely on your side, but you are not just lucky, you are deeply intuitive and that's what attracts all of the blessings. The key here is to trust you inner knowing and not second guess yourself. That's when your Jupiter placement is activated!


This is a more cautious and stable expression of Jupiter. Capricorn sees the possibilities Jupiter has to offer, but also takes time before implementing all the big ideas and concepts, especially related to work. Hence whatever you put into action and work hard for usually is a big success. Trust your practical approaches and use a little more intuition and faith. You can be far more successful than you think.


Let's create a revolution and change the world! Wanna join us? With Jupiter in Aquarius you want to build a tribe of like minded people that can help you bring your big vision to life. Whatever you create must be in alignment with your contribution to the world. There is so much work to do, which is exactly why you will experience huge successes if you build a network around you.


You serve the cosmos and in many ways are the bridge between the higher realms and this physical world. Whenever you can use your psychic abilities and spiritual connection into your work life, Jupiter will reward you with success. The world needs you, even if you sometimes feel too much and have a hard time with protecting your energy. It's a gift and leads to ultimate fulfillment if you implement it in your business.

Jupiter transits

These descriptions give you a brief idea on how to manifest more success and fulfillment in your life and business. Alongside with that transiting Jupiter also plays a key role in your ability to be successful. For the last couple of months Jupiter has been in its home sign Sagittarius, which will have had a huge effect on the Sagittarius area in your birth chart.

Come December 2019, Jupiter will enter in our beloved, hard working sign of Capricorn. This major transit deserves a special blogpost, as it is destined to bring us blessings in business. But before we dive into that, do your homework and activate your natal Jupiter, Babe!


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