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2020 Business Horoscope: How Will You Find Success In The New Decade?

BY Kathi Hillenberg

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January 2020 is not just our typical “first month of a new year”. It's the start of a new decade, but even this label doesn't describe well enough how potent and significant this month can be for you and the world at large. Astrologers have been anticipating January 2020 because of a very rare meet-up of Saturn and Pluto. This event takes place in our beloved zodiac sign of business and achievements: Capricorn! This conjunction will inevitably impact your legacy and career — here's what it all means…

Why the (business) world will never be the same…

Without being too dramatic here, the world will significantly change starting this new decade. Besides the Saturn Pluto Conjunction as an initiating event, we have 6 eclipses this year! Eclipses always trigger important changes and transformations in our lives, usually linked to the areas in your birth chart where these eclipses take place.

Straight before the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction on January 12, we have our first eclipse on January 10, yet again highlighting the Capricorn area collectively. With this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the energy on the planet will be elevated, making us even more receptive to the Saturn Pluto Meet-up only a couple of hours later. As all of this is happening in Capricorn, you definitely want to look up where in your Birth Chart Capricorn is located. This will give you more information about how these shifts affect you individually.

But looking at these cosmic lineups collectively, we can see a clear pattern, that is asking us to change our approach towards business dramatically. Our traditional structures and career models will be changed and transformed. There is no question about that. This is actually one of the reasons why more and more people start their own business instead of working for someone else. Ever since Pluto, the planet of transformation, entered Capricorn, we have seen a rise of entrepreneurship like never before. Women especially have taken initiative towards building their own external structure in life, which is exactly what Capricorn rules. This is not a surprise since the archetype of the mother, the nurturer, the feminine is ruled by Capricorns polar opposite sign Cancer. The question is how this movement will continue after our transformator Pluto met the grand teacher of Astrology, Saturn!?

Mastery with Saturn: Get Your Soul Involved For Success

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of the Saturn-Pluto-Conjunction in 2020, as this will give you a guideline for your own personal success in the new decade. With more and more women tapping into entrepreneurship, we have also seen a not so beneficial development taking place globally. The focus has been on achievements, success, money and status for many (not just women). As we live in the age of social media, the comparison game got stronger and stronger, especially since so many businesses now function online, right?

With the Saturn-Pluto-Conjunction the universe asks us to make a very significant change in our own approach to business and our external structure. Only then we will be able to build a sustainable legacy for ourselves. If we refuse to adapt burnout and lack of fulfillment run our lives. The most important thing now more than ever is to align your business with your overall mission in life. What this meet-up of Saturn and Pluto AND the eclipse beforehand asks us to do is to integrate our soul into our work! The soul contract we have made with the universe now has to be our manual for life and business. With the beginning of this decade, it won't be possible anymore to separate your soul work from your entrepreneurial endeavors. We have to integrate heart and soul! This is what gives your career the emotional drive and foundation and will re-ignite the nurturing fire of the feminine as well. Saturn in Capricorn might have restricted us in certain business actions, but only so we can realize that external validation and achievements will never be enough if we don't take care of our inner world. It's through the connection to our soul that we find true fulfillment!

What's your success strategy for 2020?

Co-create with your soul, Babe! You can niche down until you get blue in the face. The real niche you are looking for is written in your birth chart. It's not for nothing your soul contract with the universe! Everything else is probably only a distraction from looking in the mirror and owning your path. But in 2020 there is no excuse anymore for escaping your soul. You came here to do your soul work for yourself, and the collective. So why do you question that THIS is the ultimate way to be successful? Doesn't make sense, does it?

You are invited (actually cosmically ASKED) to join the Saturn-Pluto party in Capricorn to rebirth your soul and integrate it into your business. Oh and did I mention that Jupiter, our beloved planet of success, optimism and luck actually is the DJ of this party? He will light up the Capricorn area throughout 2020. See, there really is no excuse. Time is now! Hello soul! Hi success! Cheers to the new world. Let's lead with your soul!


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