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How to Manage This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Like a Boss

BY Kathi Hillenberg

woman using phone during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde begins on February 16, 2020. Famously feared for tech disasters and communication blunders, merc can cause chaos in business without the right perspective…

Raise your hands if you feel anxious whenever you hear that the next Mercury Retrograde period is right around the corner. We've all seen the Instagram memes: “Don't make important decisions!”, “Double check when you schedule appointments!”, “Better skip your traveling plans!”, “Don't use airplanes!”, “Postpone launching new offers!”, “Don't rely too much on technology!”…you name it!

All of these “recommendations” (or more so warnings) are valid to a certain degree, but how realistic is it to avoid all of these “risks” while Mercury is retrograde? How are you supposed to thrive in business when the “safest” thing to do seems to be, just staying in your comfort zone until Mercury stations direct again? The answer is: fall in love with Mercury Retrograde because it's actually a BLESSING for your business. Let me explain to you why…

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Out of all the planetary movements throughout the year, Mercury Retrograde seems to be the most popular one. If a planet stations retrograde, it travels backward in the solar system and this can create some turbulences, especially if it's the planet of communication. Mercury rules speech, the mind and communicating with others. It also rules short distance traveling. Hence trains can be delayed, appointments can get messed up and a lot of misunderstandings can occur. But that doesn't mean we have to avoid all of these areas in our life.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Business?

It's true that the planets in the cosmos influence us, but they don't run our whole life, especially not one planet alone! We tend to forget that there are other planets who support our journey equally as much at the same time. So even if the planet of communication travels backward, we still have other energies in the universe that help us move forward.

The important thing to understand is the intention behind Mercury Retrograde. They happen multiple times per year for a reason! Every Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic invitation to pause for a while. Our minds are overactive anyways. We live in a society that glorifies multitasking, being productive and constantly creating results, right? This is especially true if you build your own business. You almost constantly feel the pressure to be out there in order to stay relevant. It's EXHAUSTING, isn't it?

Mercury Retrograde survival tipsWe most likely wouldn't allow ourselves to slow down and press the pause button for a minute if it wasn't for Mercury Retrogrades. Every time our lovely Mercury decides to slow down, he actually invites us to join him. If we don't, well, the guy will remind us in his powerful and very dominant way, if we like it or not. This is when things get messed up!

How to Thrive During This Cycle

The solution to this “problem” is simply aligning with the cosmic energies. You can plan your business around these Mercury Retrograde periods. Every successful company has creative, introspective periods and strong, moving forward time frames.

The best thing you can do is to use the Retrogrades to revisit your offers, reevaluate your schedule, review your results and recreate things that didn't produce the outcome you wanted. That way you gain insights about your business and are able to come up with a fresh new plan. It will amaze you to see that by doing so, you'll move forward even faster (when Mercury stations direct again).

While everyone else is frustrated about things not working during the Retrograde period, you are already a couple of steps ahead with your strong planning game. What seems to be a slow down or even a set back is actually the best preparation for the next successful period ahead! Magical, right?

So instead of complaining about yet another Retrograde drama, you can leverage the time to plan new offers, revisit your funnels, create a new launch strategy or simply go over your business model and see what's working and what isn't.

These insights are more valuable than forcing yourself to move forward every day. So thank the universe for this cosmic pause button. Let's embrace Mercury Retrogrades for what they are: a much-needed rest from the business of our modern world!


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