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This is How to Excel as a Leader, According To Astrology

BY Kathi Hillenberg

Knowing your leadership style is probably the best-kept secret for developing a strong success strategy in 2020. In this new decade, it's not necessarily about the next best marketing strategy or the accuracy of your niche. It's about your ability to lead others, and also yourself.

As a fellow BossBabe you are meant to lead the way and deep down you know that. However, leading is far more than being bossy and delegating tasks. If you want to be a successful leader in 2020, you want to know YOUR specific leadership style and then lean on your natural aptitudes. As Astrology is such a profound tool for pretty much every single area of your life, we should better see what the stars have to say about this topic as well, shall we?

What's the Link Between Leadership + Astrology?

There are many resources out there that could potentially help you to become a better leader. But let's be honest: sometimes these “rules” don't really feel comfortable and more so as if we play a role, don't they?

Playing a role will probably never make you the authority you would like to be. Energy doesn't lie and you pretending to be something you are not won't make you an authentic leader either. All of this won't work anymore in 2020. That's why we want to help you figure out YOUR specific leadership style.

As with so many things, we can turn towards Astrology and your birth chart in order to determine YOUR best strategy to lead the way. The best thing about it is that it's not a strategy at all, but rather what comes absolutely natural to you. Everyone has inborn leadership qualities. It's just a matter of reading your manual for this life (aka your birth chart) in order to figure out how you can be the authority you are meant to be.

What Determines Your Leadership Style?

There are two pivotal factors in your birth chart you want to look into: your Sun Sign (aka your brightest light) and your Mars Sign (aka your drive to take action). Additionally, we could also include Pluto, the planet of transformation, as he reveals the area in your (and other people's lives) you want to transform and take action on.

In the natural zodiac, the Sun is ruled by Leo and the 5th house of creativity, while Mars is ruled by Aries and the 1st house of initiation and self-image and Pluto by Scorpio and the 8th house of other peoples money, but also psychology and the secrets of life. If we look at the houses their ruling signs we can detect that their relationship to each other is expressed through trines. A trine is a very harmonious, supportive aspect in Astrology. It's as if the signs talk to each other in order to make sure that everyone is able to move forward.

Do You Know Your Mars Sign?

Every piece of your natal chart represents an inborn energy potential you naturally have. If you don't know your chart, download a free one here.

Your soul chose these energies wisely in order to actualize your highest potential (your sound and the 5th house) and your desires (Pluto and the 8th house). However, the key to actualize all of that and to take the right action to lead the way is in your Mars placement AND the Aries area in your birth chart. In-depth reading can for sure help you to put all of these pieced together, but studying your Mars placement alone can already be of INTENSE value for your ability to lead others!

Mars is the planet of taking action, drive, initiating and ultimately COURAGE. Whenever you embody your Mars placement, you will radiate that courage and become magnetizing to others. This is exactly what makes a good leader as well. No-one wants a leader who just makes the rules and sits back while others do the work.

If you want to be on top of your leadership game in 2020, you want to lead by example and express all of your inborn gifts. These gifts are what other people value in you anyways and the best part of it is that you don't even have to play pretend when you use your cosmic blueprint to figure out how you can lead the best. So let's look at the 12 Mars placements individually.

What's Your Astrological Leadership Style?

aries symbolMars in Aries

Mars in its home sign Aries is courageous, fast and a powerhouse at initiating. You definitely want to move on quickly, get things moving and inspire others to keep the drive. It might be helpful though to consider other people in the process as well. You don't have to do everything by yourself. So use your opposite sign Libra as a role model frequently to include your team, but also to experience that you don't have to do everything by yourself.

taurus symbolMars in Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Hence Mars in Taurus clearly shows us what it means to work slow, but steady. We don't rush with this Mars Sign and this can be very calming energy as a leader, especially in our modern world where everything had to be done by yesterday, right? You appreciate quality over quantity and better double-check that everything is moving into the right direction.

gemini symbol

Mars in Gemini

Flexibility and multi-tasking are second-nature to you. You can handle many things at once and probably juggle 6 projects at a time without ever getting too stressed out. You love to talk things through and brainstorm with your team. This gets ideas flowing and your team will be inspired by your ever-active mind as well. As long as you keep sharing what you are up to and stay flexible along the way, you are a fun leader to have!

cancer zodiac symbolMars in Cancer

There is no other leader who cares as much as you do, Mars in Cancer! That's exactly what your team appreciates about you. Work doesn't feel like work, but like a safe space to be at. In order to express your highest potential as a leader, you also want to make sure YOU feel comfortable in your work environment.

Leo zodiac symbol

Mars in Leo

Double fire with Mars in Leo just screams MAGNETISM. No-one can deny that you are here to lead the way. But sometimes it might be good to double-check your intentions. Even though you can probably run the show by yourself, you want to leverage Leo's opposite sign Aquarius, that reminds us to lead for the tribe and not just our own validation. Yet the amazing thing with Mars in Leo is that you can inspire others to ignite their inner sun and courage to take BOLD action.

virgo zodiac symbol

Mars in Virgo

It's all about the details Mars in Virgo, isn't it? You are an analytical powerhouse that definitely makes sure we improve on a daily basis. The wheel doesn't have to be reinvented every day. Sometimes is much more efficient to optimize existing things, so we are all on top of our games. As a leader, you always have the perfect method, the ideal strategy and the most efficient way of doing things handy. Even tasks others would not even think of you have already considered twice. There is clearly nothing you don't notice!

libra zodiac symbol

Mars in Libra

Some might say you have a hard time to take ANY action, Mars in Libra. But deep down inside you know that's not true. You just don't want to make the decisions by yourself, being such a considerate leader. Harmony is one of your core values as a leader. That's why you inspire others to include everyone in the decision-making process, even if that means it sometimes takes a while to move ahead.

scorpio zodiac symbol

Mars in Scorpio

Similar to Aries, Mars love to be in Scorpio. Your actions are radical. You can be very intense, but only because you know how serious it is for all of us to move forward and transform, isn't it? If you want something, you want to make it happen, no matter what. this might not be for the faint of heart, but people love your desire to get to the bottom of things. Because on thing is for sure: you will make it happen. (and who wouldn't be attracted by that level of certainty?)

sagittarius zodiac symbolMars in Sagittarius

Let's explore ALL KINDS of options. Let's connect to every corner of the world! You love your variety and with you as a leader it for sure never gets bored, right? Even though you might juggle many things at once as well (similar to your opposite sign Gemini), you always keep your optimism, so work remains fun. You as a leader is an experience everyone would like to have!

Mars in Capricorn

Day by day we build our way to the top. That's the mantra of Capricorn and you definitely resonate with that. Success is not a matter of luck. It could be, but you don't want to rely on that. You enjoy to take action and that's exactly what your team can learn from you too. You walk your talk, that's for sure!

Mars in Aquarius

As long as it's different, you are on board! Traditional, standard methods for sure don't satisfy you. You invent the wheel ALL THE TIME, making you a powerhouse of inspiration for others as well. The crazier the idea, the better. The only thing that is certain with you is that your ideas are shocking. There is no way people can take their eyes of you!

Mars in Pisces

All you want is to serve us all. So your actions are mostly a reflection of the demand of the collective. This definitely makes you a spiritual role model. Your connection to the divine and to all of us is strong. Hence your actions will always represent the actualization of all of our dreams. Music, poetry, and art in every form can be the best outlet for your drive. Your creativity is a magnet for others, as it reflects back to us what we deep down inside desire, but never have been able to verbally express.


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