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Discover your Business Success Strategy with Astrology and your Birth Chart!

BY Kathi Hillenberg

Babe, even Kings and Queens have used Astrology before to figure out their best Business Success Strategy! It's not a coincidence that the average man (and woman) didn't learn about the wisdom of the cosmos before. There is power and truth in your birth chart. Some might say it is all written in the stars – and well, it is!

As conscious BossBabes we know that Astrology is far more than studying the sun signs and reading horoscopes. This might be a fun and entertaining thing to do, but the juicy stuff lies in your Birth Chart. It is your cosmic blueprint, that gives you information about all important areas of your life – including the hot topic of the generation: business and career!

Unlock your cosmic business success strategy

Some might say we don't get a manual for this life and everyone has their own unique way to manifest the best life possible. While the last statement might be true, the first one is certainly not. We do have a manual. The universe itself provided us with a very accurate blueprint to this life. What is called a Natal Chart, covers the 12 most significant areas of our life, including relationships, self worth, money, career, spirituality, home and self image. These houses of your birth chart are inhabited by specific zodiac signs, depending on your time of birth and the rising sign resulting from that. This unique constellation gives you a specific flavor to your life story and your personality.

When we want to find out how a chosen area of interest will play out for us in this life, we simply have to look at the house it represents in the birth chart. Speaking of your career, social status and even fame, we want to analyze the 10th house in your chart!

How will you become famous and successful?

The zodiac sign in the 10th house of your birth chart already gives you a clue of the way you could approach a successful career.

Example #1: Capricorn in the 10th house

Let's say you have Capricorn in your 10th house. This is the most ambitious and hard working sign of the zodiac. Hence it could be suggested that you are very driven and focused when it comes to your business goals. You could be very hard on yourself and potentially even neglect other areas of your life, as your career is the most important factor for you. What might sound very negative on one side, can actually be very blissful if you want to be successful and build a legacy for yourself. With Capricorn in your career department, you will work your beautiful ass off to achieve your goals. One could say you “ambition-out” everyone around you – and god knows, this is a quality every successful BossBabe needs nowadays, right?

Example #2: Virgo in the 10th house

The whole story could look completely different if your had Virgo in your 10th house. While you would probably be ambitious to perfect all business concerns, it would be a different approach and a different kind of ambition. Virgos love to analyze and optimize. They are also very drawn to health topics, such as bio hacking or nutrition in general. Think of them as the master optimizer of every company. Just ask a Virgo and they will point their fingers on all the flaws and imperfections. Yes, that sounds very nit picky and almost annoying, but they have pure intentions behind these tendencies. All a Virgo wants is to find better solutions and approaches for all of us to succeed. If they criticize or highlight a flaw, it is just for the sake of making us all better. They want to be of service to us! With Virgo in your 10th house, you could be a perfect project manager, with your eyes on all the details that need to be taken care of. You could also do very well as a healer or holistic health coach. Just think of Biohacking – that is truly Virgo!

The second layer of your house of career

Studying the sign already gives you an incredible insight on your unique success approach. But there are more layers to your cosmic blueprint! Not every 10th house Virgo will choose the same career path. That's definitely depending on more factors in your unique birth chart. A natal chart reading can give you even more insights on that and exploring the second layer of your 10th house will bring you closer to your career style as well.

As soon as you learned about the zodiac in your 10th house, you can figure out the ruler of this house as well. This is the planet, that is naturally ruled by the zodiac sign. Sticking with the Virgo theme here, Mercury would be the ruling planet for you 10th house Virgo. Now you can look where Mercury is located in your Birth Chart. This will be the second layer and another flavor of your unique career expression.

Mercury in the 11th house could indicate that you do your amazing Virgo work for larger groups, maybe even big companies. Perhaps you would be a public speaker or figure who is well known all around the globe for your bio hacking wisdom.

Takeaway – your success formula

There are obviously many ways how this could turn out for you. But studying your 10th house in this way already gives you an amazing strategy on how to approach your business.

  1. Study the zodiac sign in the 10th house (on the 10th house cusp)
  2. Find the ruling planet of this zodiac sign in your natal chart
  3. Put it all together and follow your aligned career path

We are so distracted nowadays, aren't we? Everyone wants to figure out what business to choose and which success strategy to leverage. But what if it was so much simpler than that? What if it was all uniquely written in the stars for you?

Follow YOUR alignment!


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