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The Morning Routine That Will Support You Through Anxiety

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There is no worst feeling than a rushed morning routine. Waking up frantically to a blaring alarm clock, hopping out of bed, grabbing a quick breakfast and sitting in endless traffic, sounds like anxiety waiting to happen. It’s truly a rat race, and one you actually don't have to be a part of if you learn to plan your mornings effectively.

Your morning should start in a place of calmness and tranquility. Your body should be in a natural circadian rhythm at this point, which would let you wake up naturally at the same time each morning (without the blaring alarm clock). A few minutes of mindful meditation and journaling, and a healthy breakfast with the right supplements are the keys to a functional morning time routine.

Here, we listed the three main things that will help transition you over from hectic to healthy this morning. 


Organize Your Day

Taking time out each morning to fully plan your day is essential in having an organized schedule. Ponderlily Planners is the perfect intentional journal that will guide you through your day from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. This is the perfect journal for the busy mom and the female entrepreneur. Each day, you’re provided with daily quotes, quick mental check-ins, and plenty of pages to help you curate your to-do list. This is the planner that’s going to help you organize your life and relieve the anxiety of not knowing what’s next.


Calm Your Anxiousness

Hectic daily schedules are a main source of anxiety. And learning to alleviate that can be challenging, which is why CBD products are on the rise for mental and physical health. Soul CBD is a great way to add a sense of calmness to your routine each morning. Whether you’re into oils, gummies, capsules, or bath bombs, Soul CBD has it all and it’s a great addition to your routine to help you relax and stay calm throughout the day. Use our bossbabe20 code for 20% off your first purchase.


Stay Focused and Alert

Now that you’ve successfully planned your day, and calmed your anxious thoughts it’s time to stay focused and alert. Life Cykel has some of the best organic and ethically sourced tinctures to help rewire your brain to stay focused on the task at hand. These superfood extracts incorporate functional mushrooms and bold flavors from around the world to add a tasteful addition to your mornings. These small drops can be added to your favorite morning meals, juices, and coffees and will ensure maximum productivity throughout the day. Use our bossbabe20 code for 20% off your first purchase.


Morning routines that are functional make you excited to wake up and set the tone for your entire day – which in turn will be the baby steps you need to positively change your whole life. Even if it takes waking up a few minutes early to add a moment of calm to your day – do it, your future self will thank you.


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