Your Essential Guide To Prenatal Nutrition

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 216



  • Bossbabe CEO, Natalie Ellis’s journey with nutrition through pregnancy + why following her intuition has been the biggest help.
  • Why there’s SO much pressure surrounding what we eat during pregnancy + what you should be doing instead. 
  • What you can do today to add extra nutrition for your diet and optimize your vitamin intake.
  • The simple trick to help you introduce cleaner alternative products to your lifestyle without making drastic changes.



So many women and moms-to-be stress about their diet.

Katie Dewhurst is the bossbabe behind Hello Balance. Using her knowledge of functional medicine, she’s on a mission to help close the 2-3 decade gap that exists between nutritional guidelines and what the latest research shows. 

Katie Dewhurst Helps Us Stack What We Eat In Our Favor

There’s so much pressure surrounding what we eat – especially during pregnancy. We can completely overthink things and create unnecessary stress – but what if there was a better way? 

Katie has a few simple tricks designed to help add extra nutrition to your diet without completely changing everything. She’s also an expert on managing blood sugar spikes, which is incredibly important knowledge to have.

Rooted in the knowledge and success of a private practice and cookbook, Katie and her brand are trusted leaders in the world of nutrition and diet. Pregnant or not, there are so many amazing health and wellness takeaways this week that anyone can put to use. Tune in!








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