291. Design Your Dream Life – Part 2: Routines, Performance & Purpose

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 284




  • A week in the life of an 8 figure CEO + why you should start acting like one, even if you aren’t there yet.
  • The ONE thing holding you back from scaling to the next level.
  • Discover the top metrics to measure to know how well your “money machine” is working + what to do if it isn’t.
  • What is EPL and why is it ALL James cares about?!


What is the routine of an 8 Figure CEO? We’re back with part 2 of my amazing conversation with James Wedmore. We know success leaves clues and in this episode, we’re not only sharing a week in the life of an 8 figure CEO, we’re also breaking down the exact numbers and metrics James focuses on to move the needle forward! From the weekly 23 minute meeting with his team, to the roles he’s hired within his business and what they do, James is pulling back the curtain on how he runs an 8-figure business with just 8 team members.

In order to make the income and impact you want to make, you have to focus on your numbers. James Wedmore shares the metrics he and his growth team measure to know that the businesses “money machine” (aka funnel) is working optimally. Whether you have an established business and funnels that can be improved, or you’re starting from scratch, this episode lays out what you need to focus on to make sure your team and money making machine are performing! If you don’t look at your numbers (or are focusing on the wrong numbers), you’re leaving money, energy, and peace of mind on the table.

You really can have your dream life and business. Creating the dream comes down to knowing your numbers so you can set informed and measurable 90-day goals. He’s also giving you the #1 thing you and your team actually need to focus on to have a healthy flow of “TLC” in your business. This episode is a great check in to see if your routine and where you are focusing your energy is in alignment with the results you want to have. Tune in to know how to calculate how much you earn per lead, how to coach your team to be problem solvers, and why you can’t afford to show up as a watered down version of yourself online.




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