290. Design Your Dream Life – Part 1: Business, Money + Mindset with James Wedmore

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 289




  • The shift James made that took his business from 2 to 10 MILLION in ONE YEAR!
  • The real behind-the-scenes on what your business needs in its current stage to grow to the next level.
  • How to be an effective leader of your team (or future team) and make MORE by doing LESS!


Is your ego stunting the growth of your business and stealing your joy? Business gets to be light. It gets to be fun. It gets to be easy… IF you build your business the way today’s guest lays it out for you. I personally jumped back into my  business too soon after maternity leave, in a way that no longer fit, which led me to burnout. I was searching for a better way to run my business in this new season and came across today’s guest, James Wedmore. James and his signature program is literally changing my life and business.

James Wedmore is every Digital CEO’s best friend. Over the past 15 years James has used his expertise to teach digital CEO’s how to scale their online businesses through his signature programs like, “Business By Design!” Having figured out the formula for running a multi-million dollar company while still getting to surf everyday at the beach, James realized he could help other business owners change their lives and businesses with this formula. It might surprise you, but James has seen it in his own business and for others that he’s coached, you actually need to do LESS to make MORE.

This episode covers so many topics from how James went from 2 to 10 million in 1 year, game changing ways to lead a lean and effective team, what you need to delegate immediately, and what your business needs in its current stage to go to the next level. While we talk about the flip that you need to go from a 7 figure entrepreneur to an 8 figure one, these tips work for EVERY stage of business. In fact, they’ll help you avoid some major mistakes and roadblocks along the way.

There is a better way than burnout. Bossbabe, it’s time to design your dream life.




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