You’re Six Steps Away From Becoming An Influencer with Brendon Burchard

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 189



  • The difference between “influencer” and “influential,” and why it matters 
  • Why now is THE time to become a digital creator 
  • The ONE product you should create when building an online platform 
  • The two characteristics you need to be a successful influencer
  • The pathway to a “role model mindset”
  • The six self-development tools you need to get started on your business goals
  • Why “making someone’s day” is all that counts
  • How Brendon became an expert communicator



The Creator Economy has become a $100 billion-dollar industry – almost overnight. And it’s projected to become a $1 trillion dollar industry very soon. 

So you’ve got to wonder…is there still room for you in this emerging economy?

We think there is. So we invited Brendon Burchard to The BossBabe Podcast to talk about just that. He’s one of the original entrepreneurs who used social media to grow his business and he’s taking you behind-the-scenes to share the EXACT things he did to get to where he is today. 

We’re covering all the things – monetization, social media growth, running a business and the #1 thing we believe you need to do to see results…but that nobody seems to want to talk about. 

If you’re curious about this emerging industry + are ready to do the work to see real results –  this episode is for you. Listen now!






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