What Marriage, Divorce and Business Have in Common with Raiford Dalton Palmer, J.D.

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 185



  • How a pre/postnup really works + what it means for your marriage
  • Figuring out whether a pre/postnup is the right fit for you
  • Why divorcing looks different as a business owner + how to protect your assets
  • How divorce affects children + caring for them through the process 
  • Choosing the right lawyer when you’re getting divorced
  • What a marriage and a business partnership have in common



Everyone expects their marriage to end in “happily ever after.” The problem is very few people are prepared for things to take a turn for the worse – which can land you in a confusing and expensive situation overnight.

BossBabe Co-Founder and President, Danielle Canty, has navigated a divorce of her own, so it felt important to us to have an honest conversation about marriage, divorce, and what you’re actually committing to when you say “I do.” That’s why we invited Divorce lawyer and author, Raiford Dalton Palmer, to The BossBabe Podcast to share his perspective.

In this episode, we get real on the not-so-sexy parts of marriage, and dive into all the questions you’re probably too scared to ask. From alimony, prenups, and postnups, to protecting your business, children, and sanity in the process, you’ll get the legal intel on how to divorce with grace and dignity, even if you don’t get your fairytale ending. 






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