Why NO is a Full Sentence, How to Time Block & Set Respected Boundaries with Amy Landino

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 130



  • The major differences between angel investors and venture capitalists 
  • How to pick your investment partners and what factors to consider 
  • Why you need to bootstrap your own business before taking investments  
  • The importance of finding investors that share your vision
  • How to use Cindy’s three P’s to guide your business decisions, from picking partners to determining the right funding for you 


We’re joined by Amy Landino, an award-winning YouTuber, bestselling author and international speaker. For the last 10 years, Amy has been empowering people all over the world to go after the life they want by educating them on how to leverage time, focus, and resourcefulness through her actionable and transformative “edutainment” (educational/entertaining) content.

In this insightful episode, Amy tells us how she went from being at school with no clue about what she wanted to do with her future, to realizing she was super skilled at social media. We also talk productivity and boundary setting, and Amy’s got some top tips to help you stay focussed on what’s important, and say no to what’s not.

If you’re ready to make the life you want a reality, and you’re willing to put in the work but need actual, actionable steps then this episode is for you!


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