IG Engagement Dropped? Here’s How You Fix It Overnight

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 133



  • Content Marketing Deep Dive – what it means and how to use it for your business
  • How to optimize the new Instagram Update- Reels & Shopping feature
  • How to extend your content’s shelf life
  • Why you should be posting more Instagram Reels


Is your Instagram engagement suffering? Are you not getting the likes you used to? In today’s episode, co-Founder Natalie Ellis does a solo podcast and shares her thoughts on the IG algorithm, engagement, and all things content.

In a detailed breakdown of what exactly it means to have a full grasp on Content Marketing and implement all of its pillars, you’ll walk away with the motivation and tools to get the most out of everything you post.

So listen along to level up your content, make the most of the new Instagram update, and have a few reality checks along the way! You’ll learn how to find your business's most profitable path by being consistent, being valuable, and being relevant. Having your pulse on what’s happening around the world, making the Instagram algorithm work for you, and taking advantage of video content (hello Reels!) to grow your numbers. Plus, a Black Friday + Cyber Monday announcement that you do NOT want to miss!


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