Rebecca Minkoff on How to Get Started Successfully in the Fashion Industry

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 103



  • Rebecca’s entrepreneurial journey: from hand-making t-shirts for her first line at 21 to building an iconic fashion brand
  • Launching her first bag in 2005, which was “The Morning After” Bag that started it all
  • The financial challenges that Rebecca experienced in the early stages of her business and what she’s learned along the way
  • The importance of building your network and how networking can help launch a business
  • Actionable tips for leveraging Influencer Marketing to boost your business, even if you have a small budget
  • How Rebecca’s business has pivoted since COVID-19 and the ways in which the company has changed
  • Learning to embrace the possibility of rejection and how to get stronger at hearing “no”

Important Moments with Rebecca Minkoff:

  • [4:06 – 8:40]: Rebecca’s journey from fashion intern at 18 to launching her first line at 21
  • [9:26 – 9:51]: The biggest challenge that she faced in the early stages of her business
  • [13:08 – 13:54]: Why consistent success is rare and what ‘real’ success truly looks like
  • [15:10 – 16:00]: The power of networking pre-social media
  • [16:55 – 17:15] Learning how to accept the possibility of rejections


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