Six Weeks to Fix Your Period, Hormone Imbalances & Energy with Nicole Jardim

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 124



  • Understanding the different types of hormones and how each one can affect your body when imbalanced 
  • How blood sugar and the foods you eat can trigger your hormones and affect your ovaries
  • Nicole’s step-by-step natural protocol to fixing your period and creating lasting hormone balance 
  • Tips for how to better understand your body and what it needs to function optimally 
  • The importance of self-education when it comes to taking ownership of your health


Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort while on your period and simply accepted it as a fact of life? What if we told you that you have ownership of what happens inside your body? We’re joined by Nicole Jardim, certified women’s health expert, author of Fix Your Period, and host of the Period Party Podcast, to teach you how to take ownership of your period and overall health.

Having suffered from debilitating pain caused by her period as a teenager, Nicole was put on birth control to help with her painful menstrual symptoms. However, birth control only served as a band aid and instead introduced a slew of new chronic health issues, including hair loss and melasma. Despite being informed that what she was experiencing was “normal”, Nicole decided to challenge everything she was told and started to claim ownership of her health. Since then, Nicole has been empowering women by helping them better understand their bodies, hormones, and period.

It’s time to normalize the fact that we, as women, know what’s best for our bodies. Tune as in as we dive deep into the different types of hormones and how each one can affect your body when imbalanced. After this episode, you’ll be equipped with actionable tips on how to best regulate your body and optimize your health.


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