The 100th Episode of The BossBabe Podcast: Pass the Mic Roundup

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 100



In this special episode of The BossBabe Podcast, we’re celebrating our 100th episode by highlighting a few of our favorite moments with some incredible female entrepreneurs that we’ve had the honor of interviewing.

Like all of our guests, these women have brought a tremendous amount of insight and expertise that have helped many of you in your business journey. Tune in as we celebrate our 100th episode by passing the mic and amplifying the voices of these trailblazers, visionaries, and amazing businesswomen.


  • 03:15 – 7:25: Ashley Kirkwood – Attorney, Entrepreneur
  • “I've always been the only African American woman in my department at these prestigious law firms…” (4:20)
  • Jasmine Star – Business Strategist and Award-winning Photographer
  • 14:43 – 20:57
  • “I am okay putting a stake in the ground speaking my truth, understanding that I will only do one of two things: I will either attract you into my orbit, or I will repel you…” [15:16]
  • Selena Soo – Marketing and Publicity Strategist
  • [23:52 – 33:34]
  • “I think one of the things that have really helped me is this mindset of “start before you're ready” and do the thing that scares you…” [33:34]
  • Janice Bryant Howroyd – CEO and Founder of The ActOne Group
  • [33:35 – 40:18]
  • “I live by never compromise who you are, personally, to become who you wish to be professionally…” [36:19]
  • Beatrice Dixon – CEO and Founder of The Honey Pot Co
  • [40:19 – 48:42]
  • “Accomplishments don't mean a thing if you're not happy inside…” [45:28]
  • Babba Rivera – CEO and Founder of bybabba
  • [48:44 – 55:29]
  • “There comes to a certain point where you just have to have enough trust in yourself that whatever gets thrown at you, you're gonna figure it out…” [49:16]


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