284. The Secret To Turning Rejection Into Success And Building A Business Fueled By Purpose with Lola Banjo

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 284




  • How one moment inspired Lola to pivot from business consulting to fashion.
  • Lola’s framework for figuring out which business ideas to pursue and which to leave behind.
  • The one secret every aspiring entrepreneur should know about overcoming rejection.


Businesses that are driven by purpose are so much more successful. Why? When you start a business, it takes grit and resilience and if you’re not driven by a purpose greater than money or fame, it’s easy to give up when someone says no.

So, how do you find and pursue a business idea that fills you with purpose, even through the most humbling rejection?

On this week’s episode, Danielle sits down with Lola Banjo, fashion entrepreneur and Salesforce Executive, to talk about what it’s like to be a humble underdog in a white/male-dominated industry and how she turned countless rejections into opportunities for growth and success.

Born in Brooklyn, NY to Nigerian parents, Lola Banjo enjoyed a global upbringing spending her developmental years in cities across the US, Nigeria, and the UK, then returning to the US on her own at 14 to help support her family back in Nigeria. Today, she is a VP of Strategy at Salesforce, as well as the firm's Global President of BOLDforce – the company's 8,000 member global Black ERG. In 2019, Lola launched the multimillion-dollar luxury travel and fashion accessories brand, Silver & Riley, as the Founder and Chief Designer. Built to last with versatility, functionality, timeless style, and eye-catching designs, Silver & Riley bridges the gap between functional and stylish travel and fashion accessories that can be enjoyed by all.




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