283. How To Manage Multiple Businesses, Run Your Business With Excellence + Balance Motherhood In Between with Miki Agrawal

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 283




  • How Miki created her new diaper business, Hero Technologies, during her weekly “thinking day.”
  • Why it’s vital to set standards and boundaries with your team (and to not be bffs with everyone).
  • What NOT to do when hiring a co-founder and developing a strategic business partnership.


As Bossbabes and mothers, we often feel like we can and should “do it all” … but do we have to? And more importantly, do we even want to? The truth is you can have a full life as a Bossbabe mompreneur without doing it all.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about taking time for self-care, or you want to succeed in business and motherhood, but you’re not sure how to do both… this episode is for you. We know what that pressure feels like… and here to get real about it is a powerful Bossbabe who’s found solutions.

On this week’s episode, Natalie sits down with disruptive social entrepreneur and author, Miki Agrawal, to shed light on how her career has changed since becoming a mother and how she’s still “getting shit done with excellence.”

Miki Agrawal is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: TUSHY, THINX, & WILD. She’s the author of the #1 best-selling books DO COOL SH*T and DISRUPT-HER. Miki Agrawal was named “Fast Company's Most Creative People,” “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and INC's “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.” She passionately speaks about her 15 years of entrepreneurial adventures, from inventing products in taboo categories, to creatively launching them, to marketing and scaling them exponentially, to dealing with shocking setbacks – and she shares her colorful, authentic revelations along the way.




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