The One Thing You Need To Know Before Building A Product-Based Business with Founder of Crown Affair, Dianna Cohen

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 113



  • Dianna’s journey of building beloved brands for other businesses to taking the leap and starting her own, Crown Affair 
  • What it really takes to launch a product-based business in 2020 and why intentionality is key
  • How to craft a brand’s narrative and visual literacy that connects with the consumer on a deeper level
  • What factors to consider when bringing on the right partners to back your business 
  • How intentionality elevates high-quality products to help the customer beyond the surface and cultivate long-lasting self-care rituals 


What comes to mind when you think of self-care or a better question yet, do you even have a self-care routine? We’re joined by Dianna Cohen, Founder of Crown Affair, a high-quality haircare line rooted in ritual. Dianna’s mission is to help women transform their self-care routine by instilling rituals, starting with one of the most neglected areas – your hair.

Dianna is a queen in all things DTC e-commerce and has worked with amazing brands such as Away, Harry’s, and Outdoor Voices. Her passion for building brands and crafting narratives that connect with the consumer on a deeper level inspired Dianna to create her own brand, Crown Affair.

If you want to build a product-based business in 2020, then listen up. We’re diving deep into what it means to create a brand with intention and how to craft a narrative that resonates with the consumer because it’s simply not enough to just have pretty packaging. You have to disrupt the larger industries by creating a unique line where each product is designed with meaning and Dianna is a pro at doing just that.

Tune in as Dianna shares her journey of building beloved brands for other businesses to taking the leap and starting her own, one that helps people create long-lasting self-care rituals through high-quality and intentional products.


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