How to Uplevel Your Website Aesthetic Without A Graphic Designer

BY Team BossBabe

Have you ever suffered from website comparison?! You know those websites that are so aesthetically pleasing you want to live in them? A gorgeous layout, professional pictures, and font that catches your eye…

Design envy is a real thing!

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your website gorgeous without a graphic designer or any real design skills! If you don't have the cash (yet!) to invest in a designer, there are ways around it. We promise!

Keep reading to see how you can do it, even if visuals aren't exactly your superpower. You've got this!

P.S. If this totally stresses you out, we have your back when it comes to scaling your business, driving sales, and making enough money to hire your *dream graphic designer.* Check out how we can help with our Ultimate Done-For-You Online Sales Kit if that's where you prefer to start!

Add imagery

Beautiful imagery can uplevel a site within a matter of seconds. And honestly, the iPhone takes amazing photos these days; you don't need a fancy camera to get gorgeous shots.

Bribe a friend with loads of coffee and ask them to take pictures of you or whatever makes sense for your site. Before shooting, draft a shot list and prepare beforehand so it's easier on you and your friend. A little glam and photography props don't hurt either.

Things like The 90 Day Planner makes for gorgeous accessories if you're taking pictures of yourself working or as a flat lay prop. Flowers, candles, a computer case, coffee, and obviously any products you're representing can set the vibe as well. Pinterest is always an incredible asset when it comes to visuals, so follow us for more shot inspo!

If you're not into actually creating the imagery yourself, sites like Unsplash let you use images for free. Just don't use images you don't have rights to or else it could become a legal situation.

Try a free font

If you're new to web design or the creative side of things, you might only be thinking of fonts as in what you'll find in Microsft Word. Or the fonts that come with Instagram Stories.

But there's actually an entire world of fonts out there – literally thousands!

And while you have to buy the rights to certain fonts (usually in a package), there are a lot of free font sites like

Once you find one (or a few) that fits your aesthetic, start incorporating them into your site!

Pro-tip on fonts: Stick to a few to keep things clean. Use a couple for headings on your site, one for the bulk of the text, and maybe throw in a pretty option like a script. This combo of different fonts makes your site look expensive for free.

Stick to a color complimentary palate

Similar to our advice on fonts, you want the colors used on your site to complement each other. Even if you're a neutrals girl, try out a few different tones from one color family.

Don't worry about picking more lively colors if that's your thing. Just make sure that the colors flow well together and don't distract from your actual content or services.

Populate your IG feed

If you have an Instagram reel you're proud of (which you should be if it's connected to your business!), show it off on your site! This is another way to highlight imagery, quotes, infographics, or whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Most platforms let you automatically populate your IG feed on your site and it'll update as you post.

Utilize templates

Remember how we said there are ways to make a site stunning without any sense of creativity? Well, if that language speaks to you, you're going to love a good template.

Sites like Squarespace (among many others) have templates to choose from when designing your site. Essentially these templates have built-in fonts, colorways, and placement of text depending on the intention of your site.

You usually have to pay for the platform to host your site and then certain templates are free to users. Take advantage if you're not confident in your eye for aesthetics!

Trade services

Technically this means giving up your time (aka money) but hear us out.

As always, if there's a skill you lack in, we believe in delegating that whenever possible. Likewise, we believe in completely honing in on what you're amazing at!

Maybe you excel at copywriting, digital marketing, or sales – and maybe you find a graphic designer who needs your expertise! That way, you're both getting and giving something in return.

For more visual ideas, don't forget to follow us over on Pinterest – where we're constantly pinning graphics, imagery, and design ideas for you and your biz!


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