Secrets to Growing a 7 Figure Instagram Empire with Amanda Bucci

BY Natalie Ellis

The BossBabe Podcast: Episode 007




  • How to deal with criticism and fear of judgment when building a business.
  • How to build trust and be transparent with your followers.
  • 3 key Instagram growth tips and how to apply them.
  • How to grow, monetize and scale your business.
  • Writing captivating captions that sell.
  • How to write about topics that make you stand out online.
  • The importance of community and belonging as an entrepreneur.
  • Amanda’s unique morning routine before diving into her busy work day.


In this week’s episode, Natalie interviews fitness youtuber turned 7 figure business coach Amanda Bucci!

Amanda explains how she dealt with criticism and fear of judgment when building her fitness brand. She shares how she made the pivot from fitness to business and what she did to build trust with her followers.

She gives actionable tips on monetizing your platform, scaling a business, and creating content that sells. She also shares how to attract your ideal client when you apply 3 specific Instagram growth tips.

Amanda chats about her unique morning routine and what she does for herself before getting into her busy work day.

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