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Being Grateful For Life With Cherie Aimee

BY Kale Panoho

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There are too many times, we as people take for granted what we have.

I have to work on weekends.

I have to eat the right foods and exercise daily.

I have to tidy my house.

I have to go to an event I don’t want to attend to impress my colleagues.

What if all of this was taken away from you?

Would you be happier? Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t.

There are people though, who are grateful for every opportunity like this whether it’s menial, mundane or monotonous.

This is the type of person who jumps on every opportunity or task with vigour and excitement. The person who sees the tasks that others must do, as something they get to do.

These are people who have seen how amazing life can be. They’ve experienced things far worse than having to clean up, work late or even attend events they don’t want to go to.

A friend of mine is one of these people. Her name is Cherie Aimee, and she died seven years ago.

Cherie flatlined in her husband's arms ten minutes after arriving at her local hospital. Doctors could not resuscitate her for over 90 minutes. During this time she experienced what medical researchers define as a near-death experience.

“I experienced Heaven and lived to share my story,” Cherie said.

Cherie lived for 4 and ½ years as a pioneer patient on an engineered device–also referred to as a bionic heart. She received a heart transplant 2 years ago and began building her own personal brand shortly after using live video streaming and free social media.

She was a former CEO of a digital tech marketing firm which had to close down following her tragedy. “My tragedy has awakened me to a new, more powerful way of approaching business, relationships, health, service, and life in general” Cherie said.

You see someone like Cherie is able to cherish the moments that you and I find boring. Cherie is an example of someone who accepts what happens to us, after understanding that external events – like a near-death experience are outside our control.

Events like these teach us to love whatever happens to us and face it with unfailing cheer. It allows us to shift our thoughts and energies to “If I’ve got to do this. I should at least choose to be happy about it.”

These types of thought and characteristics have led Cherie to achieve a lot in the last 18 months:

-Become a #1 Amazon best-selling author
-Built a tribe from different parts of the world
-Launched a brand new 6-figure business
-Become featured in multiple podcasts and mainstream TV media outlets
-Started writing for a major media platform with 1M+ readers

Cherie shared her advice on how she overcame adversity, difficulties, and ungratefulness in her day-to-day life:


The first essential step is to recognize you're in a downward slump that needs addressing. Notice your mindset, emotions, your language and how you choose to see the world. Are you happy with your view of the world or would you like to change it? Once you can recognize and acknowledge you are not where you want to be in life, you can do something about it.


You must take full responsibility for the circumstances surrounding you. It may be easier to blame others for your situation but doing so is only slowing down your progress. Accept responsibility for your life, so you empower yourself to commit to doing whatever it takes to get to where you want to go.


Look for someone who has what you are seeking to create for your life. Study this person, their habits, and watch how they interact with the world. If you learn from them every day, you'll find yourself starting to emulate their practices and ways of successful thinking. Mentors can show you exactly how to accomplish certain activities to get specific desired results. Results help build confidence towards your future.


Giving to others is one of my biggest success hacks. I'm a natural giver, so I found this out accidentally just by being myself. When you are going through a tough time, focusing on how you can help others is a great distraction. Our minds can become clouded when focused on our struggles. Helping others can give you some space from your struggles to see life in a new perspective–one that may help you appreciate what you currently have.


Now that you've cleared your mind a bit and taken some of the pressure off of your circumstances, you can begin to imagine what you want for your life.

Ask yourself what would you like to create? It's a great exercise to get your mind to think bigger than your current circumstances. It can be scary at first, but then you start to have a lot of fun taking a look at the endless possibilities for your life.

Cherie is someone who is changing the way her world works and is grateful for everything that happens in it.

Don’t let small things make you bitter. Let anger, annoyance, and frustration be someone else's burden.

We’re here to live and why would we choose anything else but to be happy while doing it?

If you want to learn more about Cherie you can find her here.


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