From My Kitchen to Whole Foods: How I Built a Multi-Million Dollar Feminine Hygiene Company With The Honey Pot Co. Founder, Beatrice Dixon

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 096



  • Beatrice’s entrepreneurial journey of building The Honey Pot Company, a multi-million dollar brand in the feminine hygiene and care space
  • The importance of self-love and a positive mindset for an entrepreneur’s long-lasting success and fulfillment
  • Defining what success truly means and the reality of being an “overnight success”
  • How to launch a “hit” brand/product and what it really looks like
  • Adopting a lean business mindset and how to bootstrap your business
  • How to be comfortable with being your authentic self


Have you ever had a dream for a business idea or solution to a problem? Today’s special guest is Beatrice Dixon, Founder of The Honey Pot Company, a plant-based feminine care brand. Launched in 2014, Beatrice has built The Honey Pot Co. into a multimillion-dollar business and has won the 2020 ESSENCE Best in Black Beauty Award. Tune in to hear how a life-changing dream inspired both a solution for bacterial vaginosis and multi-million dollar business idea.

Having suffered from bacterial vaginosis for months, Beatrice was visited by an ancestor in a dream where she was given the ingredients to heal herself. From that insightful dream, Beatrice created a formula for an all-natural, clean feminine wash that not only worked for her but also, many other women suffering from the same affliction. Today, The Honey Pot Company empowers women to take control of their feminine hygiene by providing natural feminine care products.

Join us as we discuss Beatrice’s biggest lessons in business – from how she bootstrapped her company, launched her products, and got stocked in retailers nationwide. We’ll also dive deep into how Beatrice cultivated self-love and a positive mindset to create success and wealth even in the face of adversity.


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