From My Kitchen to Whole Foods: How I Built a Multi-Million Dollar Feminine Hygiene Company With The Honey Pot Co. Founder, Beatrice Dixon

How to cultivate self-love and a positive mindset to create success and wealth even in the face of adversity...,


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 096



  • Beatrice’s entrepreneurial journey of building The Honey Pot Company, a multi-million dollar brand in the feminine hygiene and care space
  • The importance of self-love and a positive mindset for an entrepreneur’s long-lasting success and fulfillment
  • Defining what success truly means and the reality of being an “overnight success”
  • How to launch a “hit” brand/product and what it really looks like
  • Adopting a lean business mindset and how to bootstrap your business
  • How to be comfortable with being your authentic self


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