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How to Biohack Your Schedule to Double-Down on Productivity

BY Laura Charelle

Biohacking is finally having a moment. For BossBabes worldwide, cycle syncing is a tool you can bring into your work to improve your productivity. When you leverage your monthly cycle to gain laser-like focus at work, you're tapping into the latest productivity hack for women.

How do you cycle sync your work activities?

A woman's monthly cycle is set up in a very specific way. Based on the natural flow of our hormones, we think, feel, and act differently each week. The chemicals in our brains shift too, and those fluctuations will change what tasks you’ll naturally focus on.

Although we change week to week, our patterns are predictable from cycle phase to cycle phase (keep reading, I’ve got you if you’re a bit confused!)

The trick is to become in tune with what these natural shifts feel like so you can make slight tweaks to your schedule and reap the benefits of increased productivity. You’ll feel stress melt away and no longer feel guilty about setting more boundaries.

Your body has to flow through four distinct phases every single month, which make your mind more open to reflection, strategy, communication, and tackling projects.

We often feel overwhelmed in our work when we’re trying to fight against our natural tendencies. We'll internalize this resistance and you sit there wondering why you can’t focus on your to-do list. All you really want to do is host an office happy hour. Or you feel irritable when you need to explain your new project when you want uninterrupted work time.

The good news is we can take this stress out of the workplace and begin rearranging our calendars to sync with our cycles. You'll be able to finish more work in way less time!

Here's how to use cycle syncing in your work activities for increased productivity:


Your menstrual week is actually the best time of month for renewal and reflection.

Having your period is a very cleansing process. We’re physically releasing old blood, toxins, and hormones our body no longer needs. Emotionally, we’re meant to become consciously aware of what is no longer serving us and purge that too.

You can start using your menstrual week to your advantage by taking an hour or two to reflect on what did and did not work in the past month. Take a close look at your projects, launches, new marketing campaigns, and even your employees, and analyze what worked and didn’t.

Use this time as a monthly check-in point, where your brain naturally wants to reflect, and you’ll easily be able to pinpoint any holes or where you need to focus your energy for the month ahead.

One of the reasons we get moody and irritable during this time is because we're not taking action on our true desires. Ignoring what you truly want or that nagging inner voice telling you the project launch isn’t up to par yet, will only make you carry extra weight on your shoulders.

When you're feeling discontent about work projects, are you:

  • truly taking action on what you desire?
  • stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • saying no to things that don't serve you?
  • going after that job or partnership you really want?

If not, how can you redirect your efforts in the month ahead?

This is why your period is so powerful. It’s your monthly check-in point to reflect on where you are and where you want to go.

It shows you where you're playing small and how to show up in a more impactful way. The AHA moments you’ll gain this week will become invaluable to the success of your business.

Men don’t have this predictable power – it’s all ours!

How can you tap into this reflection mode?

  • Meditate for 15 minutes before heading off to work to clear your mind.
  • Carry a journal wherever you go so you can write down ideas when they hit.
  • Take as much alone time as possible. You can’t access these thoughts if you don’t carve out space for stillness.

Your brain wants you to be open to new ideas and it's hard to hear them when your calendar is filled with meetings and networking events. This is a great time of month to push meetings, work from home, and take full advantage of this reflection period.


Right after our period ends, we enter our follicular phase, which lasts for 7-10 days.

All the thoughts and AHA moments you had during your period, your follicular phase is about strategizing how to make them happen! You'll notice your brain is full of activity on the how-tos to make those dreams a reality.

How can you take advantage of feeling super strategic this week?

  • Map out your social media content, marketing strategy, and timelines for upcoming projects.
  • Reach out to those you want to collaborate with and share your ideas.
  • Talk to your boss or team about your visions and ask for their help and input. You'll succeed much faster when you ask for help and have a plan.

Think of your follicular phase as your monthly strategy session. Take the time and space to really map out your action plans and you’ll be amazed at how effortless the rest of the month feels!


If your menstrual phase is all about reflection, your ovulation phase is about being social and networking! The ovulation phase lasts for 3-5 days and occurs after your follicular phase ends.

Mother Nature designed our bodies to reproduce in this phase and your energy will be through the roof! This is thanks to your rising estrogen levels which peak at ovulation. You’ll feel more sociable and be more excited to attend networking events, host webinars or lectures, or plan something that brings your community together.

Your brain is buzzing with the need to connect and your communication peaks. You'll effortlessly deliver the message you want to convey and your charming personality will shine.

Use this time to secure new clients, ask for a raise, or share your opinion in the boardroom!


The last cycle phase is the luteal phase, which lasts for 10-14 days. Your month so far has covered the best time for reflection, strategy, and communication. Your luteal phase is the two week period you are able to tackle your job like the BossBabe you are!

This is the best time of month to schedule large chunks of time to work on big projects, start writing that book, and tie up any loose ends you might have missed in recent weeks.

Our brains get hyper-focused in the luteal phase as our right and left brain hemispheres begin to realign, which will come in full alignment during our menstrual week.

When your hormones are balanced, you’ll feel the rise of progesterone during your luteal phase. Which is a very calming hormone, making you feel centered and focused. This hormone is very sensitive to stress levels, which helps explain why nearly 90% of women struggle with PMS symptoms. These symptoms can make you feel more overwhelmed and stressed out.

Knowing you’re not meant to feel stressed or anxious before your period can empower you to find more balance in your life. With that balance, you will be able to take full advantage of your luteal phase to clean out your workspace and tackle big money-making projects.

As you cycle sync your work habits, you'll notice how much easier it is to plan out the month ahead and stick to your higher level of performance. Your mind and body are already designed to function this way, might as well make it work for you!


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