How to Do Less and Achieve More While Building a Successful Business and a Happy Family with Lindsay Dobson and Aja Kichula of More Gatherings

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 041




  • Maintaining balance, achieving your goals, and navigating the world as an ambitious woman and mother
  • The importance of creating, cultivating, and serving community whilst having a powerful support system during phases of constant change
  • Doing less and achieving more when building a business and raising a family
  • How to stay set yourself up for success by being organized, managing your time, and enjoying the present moment to make your dreams a reality


In this impactful episode, Co-Founder Danielle Canty is sitting down with Lindsay Dobson and Aja Kichula of More Gatherings. More Gatherings is the ultimate mom gathering – a 2-day online conference taking place on October 22nd – 23rd, 2019 – bringing together 18 thought leaders and experts in the parenting field in order to support the modern mum.

Lindsay and Aja are lifting the lid on all things motherhood and starting an extremely important conversation on navigating the world as ambitious women while finding balance with being a mom. They share their first-hand experience of building a side hustle whilst juggling their growing families. You’ll learn how they manage to do less and achieve more – aka the ultimate recipe for turning your dreams into reality!

They share actionable organizational, mindset, and time management tips as well as insights on why a community and support system are so important. Whether or not you’re a parent, there are so many powerful takeaways from this interview.

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