282. The Future of Marketing Trends: Insights from Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Jaclyn Johnson, Founder of Create & Cultivate

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 282




  • The real, behind-the-scenes of Create & Cultivate’s first-ever conference.
  • How they got celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton to attend as speakers and panelists.
  • How Jaclyn truly feels about selling her company and becoming an angel investor.


What makes a successful female founder? With so many changes happening to social media, digital marketing and the creator economy, you have to keep up and adapt quickly if you want your business to thrive. But don’t worry, today’s special guest has the key to pivoting quickly and overcoming any obstacle in business, so listen up!

On this week’s episode, Danielle sits down with serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Jaclyn Johnson, to chat about her rise to success in entrepreneurship, investing and fundraising. Plus, she shares her candid thoughts on the future marketing trends she sees dominating the era of creators and influencers.

Jaclyn Johnson created her career. A powerhouse entrepreneur, by the time she was 28, Jaclyn had sold her first business, invested in multiple female-owned startups and launched her second multi-million dollar company, Create & Cultivate. Jaclyn recognized a gap in conversations, resources, events and community for female millennial entrepreneurs and responded with a solution, Create & Cultivate, the wildly popular media platform and nationwide conference. Jaclyn’s own work-life philosophy, built on the cornerstones of female empowerment, hustling-hard and innovation, has propelled her voice to the forefront of the discussion on workplace equality and creativity. Jaclyn is now paying it forward as a new thought-leader for millennial women and Gen-Z-ers on the career come up.

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