3 Things You Should Know Before Leaving Your Corporate Job to Start Your Biz with Founder of Mab & Stoke, Christina Mace-Turner

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 115



  • Christina’s career evolution from climbing the ranks at Apple, startup success at Flipboard to founding her own business and becoming the CEO of her life
  • The major differences between corporate and startup, and how to thrive in each environment 
  • 3 things you need to know before leaving your corporate job to build your own business
  • Christina’s #1 secret to success, which has everything to do with chasing your own dreams and being intentional
  • The reality of building and sustaining a business, specifically when it comes to competing with corporate giants and what you need to consider


We’re joined by Christina Mace-Turner, Founder of Mab & Stoke, an herbal supplement company that combines centuries-old herbal medicine with cutting-edge technology to create the Mab Tab: a daily ‘super tab’ that takes the guesswork out of wellness to help you feel your most amazing self with a prophylactic formula.

Christina is an expert at all things marketing, strategy, and brand building. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Christina led Business Affairs and Content Strategy at Apple when it was first launching the iPhone and app store. Knowing that she always wanted to be her own boss someday, Christina took the leap to lead a startup called Flipboard, to gain the experience she needed for her own business.

She finally made the pivot from tech to beauty and wellness by co-founding the non-toxic beauty brand, True Botanicals, prior to launching Mab & Stoke. Tune in as we lift the lid on the major differences between corporate and startup environments, and everything you need to know before leaving your corporate job to start your own business.

Christina’s journey is absolutely inspiring. Having always taken the alternate route in her professional life, she believes chasing her dreams and being intentional about every move has been her number one secret to success. Join us on her journey from career woman to entrepreneur, and learn how you can find your professional purpose by being dynamic and determined.


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