Building a Skincare Business, Hiring The Best Team and Using Vision Boards To Manifest Your Goals.

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The BossBabe Podcast Episode 013




  • The real behind the scenes of building a product based business.
  • The secret to creating content that people can relate to.
  • Skincare routines, retinol and the secrets for sensitive skin.
  • How to find the best employees for your start up.
  • Why it’s important to ask for what you want as an entrepreneur.
  • The power of creating vision boards for your goals.


In this week’s episode, co-founders of BossBabe Natalie and Danielle are together in LA chatting with the queen of content, Allison Mcnamara. They dive right into her entrepreneurial journey from creating digital content for Who What Wear, Pop Sugar and Refinery 29 before creating content was even trending to being an influencer and owning and running her skincare line Mara. Allison is a multifaceted business woman, on one side she shares her secrets to creating content that people can relate to and on the other, she shares her skincare routine and the specific brands, products and supplements she uses and why.

They chat openly about how they all started their businesses without having entire plans laid out and were able to learn on the go. Allison shares the challenges she has faced being a female entrepreneur and the only full time person working on her business while managing a team of freelancers. They dive deep into the personality struggles of being ambitious women and hiring ambitious women. They talk about the struggle they’ve all faced with hiring employees that have start up mentalities and Natalie and Danielle share the data-driven BossBabe hacks for finding the exact perfect employee.

“If you don’t ask you don’t get”  Don’t be afraid of no.

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