Adrenal Fatigue, Hormonal Acne, Imbalances & Low Energy with Dr Elena Zinkov

BY Natalie Ellis

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 011




  • The role of cortisol and how to use it to your advantage
  • What is adrenal burnout and how do you overcome it
  • How to identify if you have hormonal imbalances
  • Building resiliency with stress management and self care
  • The specific herbs and supplements you should be taking
  • Your ideal hormone-friendly daily routine


In this week’s episode, Natalie interviews her own naturopathic doctor, Dr. Elena Zinkov. Dr. Zinkov is the founder of Proactive Health, a premier natural clinic specializing in women’s health, hormones, stress and weight management using cutting edge treatments best known for her Hormone Optimization Program.

Elena shares important information about endocrine health and how the natural system is suppressed daily easily causing adrenal fatigue and burn out. She explains how hormone imbalance can be caused by a stressful lifestyle and how that affects our daily lives. She provides the tools, resources and framework to combat and offset these chemical imbalances providing specifics in hormone testing, herbs, supplements and vitamins.

They chat openly about hormonal acne and how nutrition and liver health are important factors to consider when treating it. Prioritizing mindfulness throughout each day, Dr. Elena presents actionable tips to building resiliency through stress management, grounding and self care.

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