How To Be An Overnight Success and Turn Challenges Into Opportunities with Maria Hatzistefanis

BY Kayleigh Watson

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 030




  • How to see challenges as an opportunity, identifying when to take the leap into entrepreneurship, and the importance of having a powerful network
  • The real behind the scenes of “How to be an Overnight Success” and growing a global beauty empire
  • Knowing when to pivot in your career or business to align your passions with your journey
  • Welcoming rejection, taking risks and having resilience while growing your company
  • Strategically creating, evolving and managing your personal brand

Important moments:

5.43 – How getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to Maria as it propelled her onto the path aligned with her passion

12.25 – The difference between giving up and deciding not to

20.07 – Why it’s important to take risks

29.20 – The importance of having a personal brand when growing a successful brand

37.05 – How to keep up with trends and make sure your brand is super relevant 

40.00 – Maria’s words of wisdom to her past self


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