How We Scaled Our Ecommerce Business to 7 Figures in 12 Months with Mike & Angie Lee

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 114



  • The secret sauce to how Mike and Angie scaled their ecommerce business to 7-figures in 12 months 
  • The clinical benefits of CBD on improving sleep, reducing stress, managing anxiety, and decreasing inflammation 
  • Simple, effective tips for managing your anxiety and stress during these uncertain times
  • How Mike and Angie found success in the DTC and cannabis supplements industries despite not being experts in either field
  • The power of word of mouth marketing and how Mike and Angie leveraged affiliate and organic marketing to build a thriving community of raving fans


We’ve invited back brother-sister duo and Co-founders of Soul CBD, Mike and Angie Lee, to the podcast for another value-packed episode. The last time Mike and Angie were on the podcast, it was a pre-pandemic world.

Fast forward to now, we’re living in a ‘new normal’, and for some anxiety is at an all-time high. Despite these uncertain times, Mike and Angie Lee have scaled their ecommerce business to 7-figures in just 12-months, but they’re doing so much more than that. Through Soul CBD, Mike and Angie are helping people thrive in mind, body, and soul by reducing stress and pain through CBD-formulated products. They are making an impact while making an income.

Tune in as we discuss how Mike and Angie scaled Soul CBD from $50,000 to a 7-figure business. Here’s a hint – it has nothing to do with fancy strategies, paid advertisement, or a magical funnel but rather, the importance of the customer journey, building a community, and starting before you’re ready.

We’re also touching on how to manage stress, anxiety, and inflammation with all-natural alternatives, including CBD-based solutions, breathing techniques, grounding methods, and so much more.

So if you’re ready to kick anxiety to the curb and perform at your peak, this episode is for you.


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