Creating Six Figure Days from TikTok: Here’s How with Kat Norton

BY BossBabe


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 210




  • The real, behind-the-scenes of how Miss Excel went from Corporate America to a full-time influencer.
  • How Miss Excel used TikTok + viral video content to have her first six-figure day.
  • The proven, step-by-step process to making your first viral video.
  • How you can reverse-engineer virality in your own business.
  • Why your energy is so important + what’s REALLY standing in the way of your success online.



When Kat Norton, AKA Miss Excel, went viral on TikTok in 2020 (after posting only four videos), she had nothing but an iPhone and passions for dancing and Excel. Now, millions turn to her talents to help them get ahead in business and education. 

Miss Excel Shares Her Secrets To Fearlessly Building A Brand + Going Viral on TikTok

In this episode, Kat explains how she was able to dive into her niche creative idea – without a business plan – and still see six-figure success online. Plus – she’s sharing why tapping into the energetics of entrepreneurship sets the tone for your success + how BossBabe’s webinar empowered her to create her unique strategy to hit her first 6-figure day. 

If you're looking to create content + feel confident in the work you put out there – look no further. This chat will have you grabbing your ring light and creating viral content before you know it. Listen now! 



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