Two Pillars for Growing a Thriving Community, The Importance of MSI, and Powerful Ways to Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Kayleigh Watson, Head of Community at BossBabe

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 052




  • Cultivating a highly engaged audience and powerful ways to grow a community
  • Creating meaningful social interactions and the types of content that will drive engagement
  • Intentional relationship building, understanding what your community is looking to achieve and how you can support their transformation
  • Actionable tips for having a long-term community retention and engagement strategy for your business
  • The importance of creating a feedback loop and tips on how to streamline processes when growing your community, especially as a solopreneur


We’re back with our weekly mini episode, which are shorter episodes that feature Team BossBabe. This week, Kay Snels interviews Kayleigh Watson, the Head of Community of BossBabe.

This episode spills powerful ways to grow a thriving and engaged community and build long-lasting community relationships.

Kayleigh shares how to create meaningful social interactions and the importance of having a long-term community retention and engagement strategy for your business. They discuss creative ways as to how best serve your community as well as insights into creating a feedback loop. This mini-episode is an absolute must-listen if you are looking to nurture an audience or community and build long-lasting valuable relationships.

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