How to Sell on Instagram Stories, Boost Your Engagement & Create Content Consistently


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 022




  • The secret to building a loyal tribe and cultivating an engaged community who trust you
  • How to gain algorithm favor, boost engagement, and scaling intimacy on Instagram
  • Maintaining high energy, high productivity, and the best way to manage your time so you’re able to successfully thrive in your life and business
  • Consistently tapping into your creative flow so that you can create amazing content that captivates and sells
  • Getting clear on your vision and hiring the best team to help you achieve your goals


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Kayleigh is our Community Manager over here at BossBabe HQ and comes with a wealth of experience in high-end memberships for creatives and entrepreneurs, events management and digital marketing. She is passionate about positive psychology and believes in the power of cultivating a mindset for success. Originally from South Africa and now based in the UK, Kayleigh has made it her mission to empower women and entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams. When she is not building communities and connecting people, you can find Kayleigh travelling. She has a love for communication & collaborative work and you can find her on Instagram @kayleighjadewatson or in the IGA / Société Facebook groups supporting our incredible community.