How to Secure Brand Partnerships From Gifted Products to 5 Figure a Month Brand Deals Consistently as a Small Influencer With Julie Solomon

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 021




  • Julie’s journey from low-confidence and not knowing anyone in a brand new city to being named in the Top 100 Influential People in Influencer Marketing.
  • How to be strategic and intentional about building long-lasting valuable relationships and meaningful connections.
  • Leveraging and owning your zone of genius to create success for yourself plus providing value to cultivate an engaged community who trust you.
  • Monetizing your blog by building a powerful network and pitching yourself in the right way.
  • How to go from gifted products to $10,000 paid brand deals a month consistently.


In this week’s episode, BossBabe Co-founder Natalie Ellis is chatting to Julie Solomon: Creator of chart-topping podcast The Influencer Podcast, Founder of Pitch It Perfect and The Influencer Academy, New York Times best-selling publicist, and awarded Top 100 influential people in influencer marketing.

Julie and Natalie dive deep to share everything you need to know about securing brand deals and partnerships and gaining press for yourself or your business.

Together they cover the power of building authentic and genuine relationships, providing value to cultivate an engaged community who trust you, how to be intentional in building powerful relationships, and owning your unique zone of genius.

Julie shares her journey on how she went from having low confidence and moving to a brand new city without knowing anyone to creating a successful business. She expands on how to pitch yourself in the right way, niching down on your audience, and being strategic in how you are showing up online.

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