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Free 5 Day #BOSSBABE Course:

Master Your Financial Blueprint

A free course to help you map out your money blueprint,
master your mindset and plan for your amazing financial future.

Girl, you have some big dreams for 2018.

Every great success story starts out with a dream, then a killer plan, and finally inspired action towards a goal. We are going to take that exact success formula and apply it to one area of your life that can change your entire future…your money.

Having a tight relationship with the word ‘MONEY’ is going to be crucial for the future of your bad-ass empire and so we’ve teamed up with The High Maintenance Minimalist and financial decluttering queen, Kashlee Kucheran, to bring you this course.

Get ready to open up your potential and access the tools you need to take control of your finances and reach the level of success you deserve.

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Five-Day Course Curriculum

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Day 1. The Importance of Your Money Blueprint

What a money blueprint is

Why you need one

Having a plan for your money

Examples of successful people putting blueprints into practice

Day 2. Money Mindset & Having a Financial Plan

Creating your blueprint

Fears and excuses

Law of attraction

Mindset and ending negative self-talk around money

Making a plan and goal-setting

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Day 3. Self-Awareness & Auditing

Making a budget (the essentials and extras)

Working out wants vs needs

Failsafe pre-purchase checklist so you can spend every penny in confidence

Day 4. Take Action on Debts, Savings & Income

How to reduce your outgoing flow of money

Cancellation to-do list

How to pay off debts by selling things you already own

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Day 5. Your Amazing Money Future

Creating a secondary stream of income

Turning your passions into cash

Future goals and budget predictions

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The best way to really crush this year with business building and financial abundance is to develop an epic money strategy, one that will take your life to the next level.

Are you ready?

Hosted By…

Natalie Ellis // CEO #BOSSBABE

Armed with a degree in Business Management, Natalie is a successful serial entrepreneur with a love for business strategy, psychology and entrepreneurship. Natalie has worked with academic institutions and government organizations to advise on young entrepreneurship, as well as winning over 11 national awards for her work in the space. Natalie’s passion lies in empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to build and run successful businesses.

Kashlee Kucheran // Author of The High Maintenance Minimalist

Along with her husband, Kashlee sold her house and 90% of her belongings, all to be able to see the world. The couple have committed the next 10 years to full time travel, collecting experiences instead of things and their aim is to inspire others to take a chance, jump out of their comfort zone, and see as much of the world as they can. Kashlee loves to teach the benefits of minimalism and frequent traveling, and most importantly, loves living life a little off the beaten path.

Your course will start tomorrow!

Get the full five-day program delivered directly to your inbox.