The 6 month mentorship program for service-based female entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to $15K+ per month.



The BossBabe Six-Figure Signature Mastermind has been designed to support you in making more money - to build a business that’s both stable and secure, with a bottom line as happy and healthy as the top one!

Throughout this 6 month coaching container, we will support you in not only generating revenue, but making a profit too.

Because if there’s ever been a time to secure your success with a sustainable business, it’s now.

If you’re ready to scale what you’ve started to 6 figures, then you’ve landed on the right page for sure.

When you first started up, you set a goal for $10k months, right?

Because you knew that when you were able to achieve that consistently (and constantly), you’d have a 6 figure business (duh!).

But let me guess, hitting that mark hasn’t been as easy as you thought it would be… 

Attracting ideal, paying clients has been the biggest pain for you, but you know that you’re ready to turn up the dial and make it happen.


But, what about $15K months instead?

...we believe that you should actually be aiming for $15k months for your revenue to be reliable… which is why that’s the mark in The BossBabe Six Figure Signature Mastermind we’ll be helping you hit.

Not only does that extra $5k a month act as a safety net if revenue was to go up or down (as it has for hundreds of thousands of people in the current climate), it helps with the profitability piece too.

There’s a difference between MAKING 6 figures and TAKING 6 figures home, and we want for your business to afford you the freedom you desire and deserve.

We will mentor you through this 6 month program to boss a biz that generates not just 6 figures in revenue but 6 figures in profit, so you can live the lifestyle you’re hoping and dreaming of AND invest your resources back into the business to scale it from 6 figures to 7… just like we have here at BossBabe.

at bossbabe

Yup, even if you’re only just getting started with sales.



"I'm am fully booked with clients and so busy!"

When I started I had very few sales. When I joined, I was SO NEW, as I had literally just started my coaching business, that I didn't even know what my struggles were. My struggles were everything - clarity, alignment, focus... getting clients while feeling aligned and authentic to my message. I was overwhelmed and not sure of myself. I've already put in a lot of time doing inner work and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my business. I felt like I needed to have a thousand followers on my Instagram and launch a course and sell it at a low-price point to start and it just all seemed so far away for me.

Now, I am fully booked with clients and so busy!!! As I'm still balancing a 9-5 job. It feels amazing - I think I can take on maybe 1 more client next month other than that... I have a FULL roster. I am a lot more confident in myself and my offer. I have a peace of mind knowing that I have a coach that I can rely on if anything comes up - knowing this gives me the confidence to take more risks but also provides a sounding board on my ideas and next steps. So far, I've gained 200 new Instagram followers and in 3 months I signed 10 clients and made $17,000!


made $17,000




You know you need bigger and better cash injections and more monthly recurring revenue to support you in scaling, but don’t know the strategies and tactics to action this step - you’re better at creation than integration.

You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, watched all the webinars and are STILL struggling to know what will and won’t work for you. You’ve made a start and are gathering a bit of momentum but want to be steered by an expert towards the things that are ACTUALLY going to get you an ROI.

You are spread so thin across tasks, you’re not really giving anything your full attention, and know you’d benefit from having a support system of other Boss Babes who really, truly GET the solopreneur/small business owner thing and who you can teach things to, learn things from, and grow and develop with.

You have a tendency to get distracted from the task at hand because you have so many things to keep a pulse on, and are looking for accountability from us coaches and our other clients.





You spend so much time and energy working IN your business there’s never enough left to work ON it, and you don’t have the capacity or bandwidth to try and fail right now - you just need to learn what to and what not to do from mentors who are where you want to be and can give you the roadmap for getting there.



This is NOT for you if...

You are only at the concept stage right now, as this Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who have started selling their services already, but aren’t yet hitting their sales targets.

You aren’t ready, able or willing to invest the time, energy and money into solving your problems and moving the needle in your business.

You have a product based business - well, it might not be, we’d recommend you have a quick call with one of our coaches to see if it’s a fit.





This is NOT for you if...

"I generated $6500 in revenue and I gained over 1k new leads since joining!"

When I started I was in the idea stage only, with no sales. The main goal this helped me to achieve was understanding the formula needed to 10x my business. From knowing your customer on a deep level to offerings to funnels to customer experience, I now have a clear picture of what needs to be done to accomplish my business goals. I have clarity around the direction my business needs to go to become wildly profitable. I wake up on fire to lead my team and serve my people better. I believe in what I’m doing. I know that the bad days are only temporary. I enjoy the journey of being an entrepreneur. On the practical side, I login to my membership and brainstorm ways to offer improvements, I check payment notifications, I write content specifically for paying members. Since I joined the program I signed 20 new clients and generated $6500 in revenue and I gained over 1k new leads since joining."





Don’t just take it from us. Hear directly from our incredible Mastermind clients…

 "I have hit my biggest revenue months ever."

"we had 400% growth in 6 months."

"Now I am not scared of selling."

"I have increased my revenue by $20,000."

"i made $20K in revenue in the first 4 months."


When I was scaling what I’d started here at BossBabe, I was very much like you. My biggest questions were:

How can I get more support during this time?

(I wanted to follow in the footsteps of mentors who had paved the way before me - I’ve never been one for wasting time and energy, and felt like trying to teach myself something instead of learning from someone who knew it all was doing just that).

What specific strategies and tactics do I need to move the needle?

(I was trying - and failing at - anything and everything, and couldn’t really tell what was working and what wasn’t… when anything worked at all).

I want to connect with people who are at a similar stage of business who will hold me accountable, where will I find them?

(No one around me really got who I was or what I was trying to do - the journey of entrepreneurship was NOT an easy ride for me at first - there were ups, downs, twists, turns, and I had no one in the passenger’s seat to share it with).

Meet your mentors...

 CEO of BossBabe.

Hi, I'm Natalie Ellis,

This is why we put together The BossBabe Six-Figure Signature Mastermind.

In The BossBabe Six Figure Signature Mastermind we will be pulling back the curtain and taking you behind the scenes of our business, so you can learn the EXACT steps we took to build the BossBabe multimillion dollar empire.

We will be sharing our secret to success - The PIPS Framework - which is what we followed to not only make 7+ figures year on year, but be invited to speak on stages all around the world, and be featured in major publications like Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur.

I knew there was a need for it, and Danielle did, too, because we’d asked the same questions, and tried to solve the same problems.

We have every faith and trust that if you follow our framework, and hit all the beats on purpose, influence, profitability and scalability, then you could be making $15k a month before you know it.

We will help you make money more quickly and easily than you ever have before, because as we’ve touched on, it’s never been more important to focus on your finances than it has been in 2020. why not take control of your money making, and build financial stability and security through your business following our advice and guidance in this 6 month mentorship program?

"I have made $101,290 in sales since joining!"

Since joining I doubled up my online retail sales! I grew 3000+ new followers on Instagram and am opening my first flagship store in 2 months!!! I have made $101,290 in sales since joining! Before joining I was generating between 10-20k per month. My biggest struggle was increasing online retail sales. I had no direction to improve the business. I didn't feel productive. I felt stuck. I was unable to get the result that I wanted. Now I have more defined goals and targets for my team to work together with. My team and I are constantly working on the marketing playbook and automation as many parts of it as possible.


doubled online sales


At BossBabe, we’re firm believers that your why should be the driving force behind everything you do. You want to get clarity around what you want your life (and lifestyle) to look like and use your vision and your mission to push forward past all the challenges that entrepreneurship brings. Intentionality is key here - where are you going to direct your all-important time and energy and what specific action steps are you going to take to make sure you achieve your goals? We will also make sure you do the inner work necessary to see the results you want to externally. The secret to success lies between your temples, so we’ll double down on helping you master your mindset!

Influence is also super important… how you’re going to attract an audience of ideal clients, and how you’re going to call them to action to purchase your service. If you want to position yourself as an authority, then you need to be crystal clear on your thought leadership. Who is learning from you? What are you teaching them? What platform will you be using to share your expertise, and what strategies and tactics will you be using to make sure the content you create is consumed and people buy what you are selling them?





The fourth pillar of The PIPS Framework is scalability. We at BossBabe took our business from start up to 7 figures at a pretty impressive rate. In less than a year, we made our first million, and it was the systems and processes we put in place that enabled us to! We playbook EVERYTHING, so that we can just rinse and repeat, and we also automate and delegate as much as possible, to make sure we’re putting our time and energy into the right places. In the Mastermind, you will be in safe hands when it comes to scalability for sure. There’s not a question we don’t feel comfortable answering!



A business is only as successful as it is profitable, so we will be really honing in on this piece, to make sure what you’re taking home is as good as what you’re making. We will support you in adding multiple streams of revenue, so that you have cash flowing into your business from more than one direction, and show you how you can make money passively, so you aren’t actively exchanging time for money 24/7. We will help you understand what KPIs to track, how to crunch your numbers, and reverse engineer targets you can consistently hit, time and time again. Data collection and analysis will tell you what’s working and what isn’t, what’s worth spending on and what’s not!



The PIPS Framework



for the boss babe who didn't come this far, to only come this far.






24x weekly group coaching calls with our educated and experienced BossBabe coaches - and FYI, the cohort will be capped at 12 people, so we can get SUPER up close and personal.

How does the mastermind work?


When you enroll in The BossBabe Six-Figure Signature Mastermind, you will unlock access to 6 months of coaching and mentorship from your BossBabe Coaches.

During that time, you will receive...

6x monthly VIP calls with our specially selected guest experts, that are leaders in their field (and of course including both myself and Danielle).

A 1:1 strategy call to get clarity around your specific goals and needs, so we can make sure we serve you to the best of our ability and you take as much away from the mentorship program as possible.

24/7 access to a Slack channel, where you can have your burning business questions answered and receive feedback from myself, Danielle, our guest experts, your accountability coach… and the other BossBabes in the group. This is an amazing way to keep up the momentum between our calls!

Totally targeted business advice and guidance, given that our cohorts are carefully curated to match you with female entrepreneurs at the same stage of business and experiencing the same sorts of things.

We don’t take your investment of time, energy (and money!) into this Mastermind lightly, which is why we book these compatibility calls to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

It’s also to see whether you qualify to work with us - because there are limited spaces, we want to make sure they’re going to the right people.

The BossBabe Six-Figure Signature Mastermind is only available to a select few female entrepreneurs, who are ready, willing and able to do the work necessary to take their business to the next level.

We only want to work with people who are going to get an ROI.

Who are going to take a ton of value away from this program, in their business and beyond.

But here's the thing...


"My revenue has doubled and my Instagram following has doubled!"

Over the past 3 months I have seen EXPONENTIAL growth in every aspect of my business. I'm running my business differently, I'm confident in my sales pitch, I have a great support system behind me, so I can take these big leaps in my business. I don't think prior to joining this program I would've been able to do these things and BossBabe has been a great support system for me during this time. It's been such a good investment for my business and personal life. Over the past 3 months, my revenue has DOUBLED and my Instagram following has DOUBLED! All of these systems I've learned from BossBabe!


saw exponential growth


Is this for people with product based businesses as well?

This was actually designed with service based business owners in mind, BUT if you have a product based business, we’d love to hear more about it so we can see if we can support you. Be sure to schedule a call to chat with a member of the BossBabe team; we want to make sure it’s a fit for you and your product based business!

How much does this cost?

If this program is a fit then we will discuss the investment options. To determine eligibility please book in with one of our strategists for a call. 

If I don’t get an ROI, can I get a refund?

We stand by our programs and know that if you show up and give it your all, you will get the results you are looking for. This is for those that are committed to scaling their business. You are accountable to your coach and your peers in your pod, so we want people who are going to be ALL in. 

How many people are assigned to one pod? 

No more than 12 people per pod. You may have as little as 6 or as many as 12. We are very strategic in how we curate your mastermind pod so you can make the most of the experience.

Is this group or 1:1 coaching? 

Both. You will be receiving a 1:1 session with your coach to use at the beginning of the program. You will also be in group coaching sessions every week. These sessions are small since your group will have a max of 12 people in it. 

How much dedicated support will I have throughout the 6 months? 

The amount of support you will have during this time is INSANE. In addition to weekly coaching calls and a monthly Q&A with Natalie or Danielle, you will have 24/7 Slack support. This is unheard of in our industry. For six months you will have the opportunity to ask your coach and peers any questions that come up for you in the moment. No need to wait for a call, you just ask. This allows us to move you towards your goals more quickly and easily.

Who will be my coach?

Our coaches are professionally certified and have been coaching business owners just like you for years. They not only have the education and experience in coaching businesses to success, but they are also very successful in their own companies/organizations. They are extensively trained in BossBabe’s tools and techniques, so that they can better advise and guide you. You will be paired with a coach that is going to best fit your unique needs.

Yes. In addition to your BossBabe Coach and guest experts, you’ll have the chance to be on group calls with Natalie and Danielle to have your burning business questions answered and get insider tips and tricks around what is trending in marketing and sales. 

Will Natalie and/or Danielle be coaching me?

How do I get assigned to a pod?

Upon registration you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Based on your answers we will place you in a pod that is going to support your specific needs. We are looking at everything from the industry you are in, to years in business, stage of business, challenges you are facing, goals you are looking to achieve in 2021, strengths, weaknesses and time zone. All of this, and more, will determine your mastermind pod.  

What results have you gotten before with clients in this program?

Our favorite topic! Check out the testimonials on this page for some of our success stories and testimonials. 

How is this different from other programs you've done?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Can I hire a BossBabe coach” or some variation of. We know that for many people it is not enough to just buy the course. In order for you to actually implement all of the teachings and see the results, you need accountability. This program differs from our other programs in that the level of support, attention, and accountability is immense. Our members would have to pay us anywhere between $15 and $25k to receive this type of coaching, time and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make your revenue reliable...

...with the 6 month mentorship program for service- based female entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to $15K+ per month.






social media followers


cups of coffee consumed building this business

"It's been the BEST investment I've ever made!"

I joined the BossBabe Mastermind to help me gain clarity in where I want to take my business, as I felt stuck! With the Mastermind, I've exceeded my expectations of where I'd be today (in such a short time!). I've gone from strength to strength and I've got so much more to go! The BossBabe coaches have been amazing, the support, the information, everything that was provided has helped my businesses grow and helped me grow as a business owner. I have hit my BIGGEST REVENUE MONTHS EVER and I wouldn't be here if I hadn't invested in this Mastermind. It's been the BEST investment I've ever made!


exceeded her expections



Are you ready to be supported by us for 6 months, and seriously scale your business?

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