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Real Talk...

Full business step by step roadmap.
Every course, resource, or template you’ll need to build your business.
Weekly coaching calls
A community of women that will be there to help and support you at every step.

Full business step by step roadmap.

Every course, resource, or template you’ll need to build your business.

Weekly coaching calls

A community of women that will be there to help and support you at every step.

Whether you've yet to start your business

It’s up and running but you’re struggling to make sales

Or you’re wondering how to scale to your next level of impact + income

…you name it, The Société has it.

Whether you've yet to start your business
It’s up and running but you’re struggling to make sales
Or you’re wondering how to scale to your next level of impact + income

Behind our doors, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to turn your idea into a profitable, thriving business:

And We're Enrolling Right Now.



the only roadmap you need to make your first $10k (+ grow from there)

So What's Inside The Société?

Inside the Société you’ll find a proven roadmap which walks you through the exact steps YOU need to take to hit $10k months, consistently.

This is the 6-step roadmap we followed to make over $20 million, and we’ve taught it to THOUSANDS of students who’ve gone on to build their own 5, 6 & 7 figure businesses…

…now it’s YOUR turn.

Through this foundational course, you’ll get clear on the type of business you’ll have, the kind of products/services you’ll offer, who you’ll sell them to AND how to attract/convert those people to paying clients + customers who become raving fans of (and advocates for) your brand!

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done different, from leaders with real results.

Legal & finances (plus done-for-you templates!)

Lead generation & email marketing

Business & life organization

Influencer partnerships

Sales Scripts

Branding & design

Facebook & Instagram ads

Content Creation


Money mindset & high performance

Our Masterclasses include exclusive expert training on:

we make unreachable women, reachable!

Monthly Masterclasses

with guest experts

We'll deliver you a new Masterclass every single month...

Learn from leaders like
Jamie Kern Lima...

We hear from so many that the one part you start to doubt yourself around most as an entrepreneur is selling…selling your product or service and even selling yourself. After selling over a billion dollars in product, we couldn't think of anyone better to teach you how to overcome self doubt and embrace selling with confidence! 

And Many More...

($997 value)

How to Live, Lead & Sell
with Confidence!

with Jamie Kern Lima

($997 value)

How To Make 7 Figures Selling An Online Course

with Danielle Leslie

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How to Build a Brand, Increase Your Influence + Scale Your Business on Social Media

with Natalie Ellis

($799 value)

 When You Join, You’ll ALSO unlock access to 21 ready-to-go Masterclasses (worth over $15k+) like…


so you never feel alone again.




Monthly Reach on Our Channels

Be Part Of THE fastest growing + Most supportive COMMUNITY OF


womEn who've joined the sociéTÉ

Join The Société and unlock access to our exclusive community…

It’s one of the most powerful networks in the world for unapologetically ambitious women achieving their business goals, so you’re going to want to plug in.

Our advanced search feature makes it easy for you to find exactly who you’re looking for… whether that’s your next hire, business partner, beta tester or best friend!

Every member gets to build out a profile complete with Enneagram scores and star signs so you can get a really good understanding of how compatible you are.

Think of our community as a dating app, but for bossbabes. It’s where you’ll find your support system and lock it in for life!

Step behind the scenes of the bossbabe community…


from Natalie & Danielle personally.

Group coaching sessions:

…work with us directly (AND Your amazing guest experts)

4 x times per month on our live video chats!

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At the beginning of every month, we host a Goal Setting Workshop. Join us to get crystal clear on your vision and how to make it your reality. This is the perfect place to work through any blocks you have and dream big with your girl gang. We'll help you track your progress using our bossbabe Scorecard and identify what your next level is and how to get there. Feel free to bring a coffee or a cocktail – our goal-setting sessions are thirsty work!

In the middle of each month, we hold a Group Coaching Q&A Session. Join us every month as we make our way through any questions you have about you and your business. We'll work to find answers, and you'll also be able to ask the other girls' opinions in the group.

As well as the above, you'll also be invited to a monthly mindset call, to make sure you feel as supported as possible.

All sessions are online and are hosted at a time that'll work with everyone's time zone... but don't worry: all sessions are recorded, so you can watch the replay in your own time if you can't make the live.


because we won't let you fail.

Collecting and analysing data has been CRITICAL to our success which is why we’ve built a Scorecard into your Member Dashboard… the very one we used ourselves!

Month-on-month we’ll show you how to use it to track the progress you’re making toward your goals. You know what they say, ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ – trust us when we say that when you use this to monitor your performance, you’re gonna be WAY more sure of your next move.

Track Your Business Growth With Your Member Dashboard:

We know how easy it can be to lose motivation, get thrown off track and start to doubt yourself, or your ideas. We've been there and at times, we still face those same challenges. It's normal! But it doesn't mean you have to feel alone in them.

We’ve always found a way to bounce back from the lows because we have a strong support system to catch us when we fall. Naturally… we wanted to put the same thing in place for you.

In addition to the weekly support calls, you also have the opportunity to text us so that we can slide into your inbox periodically with the encouragement we wish we had when we first started out.


We've got you, every step of the way.

We Still Face Challenges –
It’s Normal!
But That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Feel Alone...

In Short...


because we know that's what you want.

"Officially celebrating hitting the $50K milestone in my biz!"


Ruby Lin

"I've doubled my IG followers to 5200!"




"I am now generating between $5-10K a month."



"Since I joined the program I signed 20 new clients and generated $6,500 in revenue. I also gained over 1K new leads."

The Sport Sorority FOUNDER


"Since I joined the program I signed 20 new clients and it has generated 7144 dollars!"


"Sarah made 5k in 30 days!"

"I increased my follower count by 1000 in 2 months, hit my first $8k month!"

"Celebrating 1k on YouTube!"





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what our members are achieving...


Our BossBabe Guide To Creating Your Own Société-Style Membership Program So You Can Unlock Passive Revenue – On Repeat.
(Worth $997)


Exclusively For
Annual Members

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Brand Guide Template

Your brand isn’t just a logo. It’s your colors, fonts imagery and tone of voice. Learn the BossBabe branding method directly from Natalie with an exclusive video training she’s made for annual members PLUS receive your very own brand guide template so it’s quick and easy for you to develop your brand make your mark.

(worth $59)


32 Customizable Logos

Speaking of logos- you’ll need one of those too! Avoid spending thousands of dollars on a designer and use our customizable logo templates to create a stand out visual identity.

(worth $99)

Full Masterclass Library

Exclusive Masterclasses from industry leaders on: legal & finances (plus done-for-you templates), lead generation & email marketing, business & life organization, sales page optimization, hiring, branding & design, social media growth, money mindset & high performance.

(worth over $10,621)


Since the release of our first preset collection we've been flooded with requests for more. Content is such an huge part of business, so we decided to make a brand new Preset Collection exclusively for annual Société members.

Edit on your computer or on the go - our presets are compatible with Lightroom CC, Classic and Mobile. 

(Value $89!)

Give your content that professional post production finish with our brand new Lightroom Preset Collection - exclusively for Société members!


Preset Collection

The Société


My favorite thing about The Société is connecting to like-minded women all over the world – I feel like every business and mindset related question can be answered within our community and with the Success Kits.

- Kathi

Since joining The Société, I launched my online course and had 11 sign ups for the first launch ever!


 The Société manual became my North Star in navigating my rebrand and I’m so grateful to the BossBabe team and coaches for this program. I have clarity around the direction my business needs to go to become wildly profitable.

- LeShonda

Since I joined The Société I signed 20 new clients and generated $6500 in revenue and I gained over 1k new leads!


We’ve just launched and I’ve barely put any money into marketing but we’ve already had a bunch of sales and thousands of visits to the site!! And, not to mention all the amazing support from all the other BossBabes.

- Kasie

I’ve been a member of The Société for a few months now and I couldn’t have joined at a better time.


I have never once advertised my services and my ideal clients are banging on the door and joining my waitlist to work with me. They know my value and so do I. I have been in business for over a year and have had $10k months, and I don’t even have my own website yet!

- Hollie

Since joining The Société my business has sky rocketed! 90% of my clients come from the Société and 100% of my clients are referred to me!


I feel like The Société was a big help in learning how to monetize Instagram, the importance of creating an email list and lead magnets & then focusing in on the why of our brand.

- Jada

The Société inspired me so so much, as I saw that so many other incredible women were willing to share their secrets of success.


We were also able to grow our Instagram following from 8k to 19.5k followers and counting - we're growing every day! But the biggest win was that we got noticed by Cosmopolitan magazine!

- Bhoomi

Since joining BossBabe I
doubled my revenue!


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