We have worked with 100,000+ womxn all around the world through our monthly membership, mentorship programs, coaching containers and courses, to help them make their dreams a reality (professional and personal!).

BossBabe is the fastest-growing educational media company for female entrepreneurs.

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With over 17M+ hashtag uses and 2.8M+ followers on Instagram, BossBabe has become a household name, known internationally for setting BossBabes up for success.

Did you know that less than 18% of womxn hit 6 figures in their business, and only 2% reach the 7 figure mark? We’re on a mission to change that, and make starting and scaling successful businesses the new norm.

We have both free resources and paid programs designed with your professional progression in mind, so whether you’re looking to master your mindset, build a brand, attract an audience, cultivate a community, sell yourself and your services or find the freedom that a bigger bank balance affords you, you’ll find all of the strategies and tactics to do just that right here.


We strongly value collaboration over competition which is why we have never made — and will never make — our success a secret.


Natalie Ellis

Danielle Canty

At just 28-years-old, Natalie is the co-founder and CEO of BossBabe. She has grown the BossBabe Instagram account to 2.8m followers, and from that following  has generated multiple 7 figures of revenue. 

Her zone of genius is marketing - making the BossBabe brand visible so that the people who would benefit from BossBabe's products and services see them.

Natalie has been featured in major publications like Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur for her efforts, and has been invited to speak on stages all around the world.

When she isn't bossing biz, you'll find the grounded Capricorn at home with her husband, Stephen, and pomeranian, Nala, making a matcha latte (with added collagen, of course!) and reading a book on her Kindle.

As co-founder and President at BossBabe, Danielle (alongside Natalie) scaled the company from start-up to 7 figures in less than 1 year. An expert of all things growth strategy, operations, and memberships, Danielle is the left-brain of the business. 

After selling her primary healthcare company in the UK, Danielle moved to Los Angeles to join Natalie and grow BossBabe into a household name. 

Now, with millions in their community, Danielle is a customer experience and lifetime value enthusiast ensuring BossBabe leads the way in products for ambitious womxn. 

In her spare time, Danielle likes to take beach walks with her husband, Gregg, make lists on her balcony with a Lion's Mane coffee and organize her travel toiletry bag (how very Virgo!).


q&a with danielle & natalie 


Ever wondered what it's like to be best friends and business partners? In this video, Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty of BossBabe answer all your juicy questions! Watch this Q&A  as we talk arguments, secret hobbies and pet peeves  -  hear us dish on it all! 





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Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Leo rising

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Gym workouts

Matcha, vanilla collagen & almond milk

Mycotoxin free coffee, vanilla collagen & MCT oil

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The Four Agreements

The Big Leap

Know your worth, add tax, charge shipping

All you need is wifi and a dream



Real Housewives

Million Dollar Listing

People who overpromise and underdeliver

People with no manners — please and thank you

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely

unapologetically ambitious


She is on a mission to be her best self in all areas, confidently stepping outside her comfort zone, to create her own version of success.

A BossBabe paves the way for herself and other womxn to rise.

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All you need is wifi and a dream.