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The #BossBabe Manifesto

BossBabes are women who KNOW that they’re the business. In our community no dream is too big or aim too high: we encourage women to be unapologetically ambitious and equip them with the kit to create success for themSELVES.

Whether you’re starting something new or scaling up a bun that's been in the oven for a while, help is on hand from your business besties in The BossBabe Société.

Having been there, done that (and got the BossBabe t-shirt) Danielle and I (Natalie) know just how hard (and lonely) bossing it can be behind the scenes, which is why we’ve made it our mission to give to others what we could have done with ourselves a long time ago: a support system of sisters who have each others’ backs through the highs AND the lows…

…because the people who weren’t an Instagram DM away during your journey don’t deserve to check back in again when you reach your destination, arewerite?!

On the daily Danielle and I are here to lend a helping hand (and a shoulder to cry on if you need it), but most of all to cheer you on when you hit a home run.

Because, you see, at BossBabe we champion collaboration over competition. Rather than fighting other females we come together as a collective to clap when other women win instead… because that’s what ‘real’ women (of all shapes and sizes, thank you very much) do, don’t they?

As seven figure, serial entrepreneurs Danielle and I will help you dream it, and then real life it. We’ll share with you the exact roadmaps and blueprints that got us from where we were way back when, to where we are right now…

…so if you’re ready to learn the tricks of the trade then join your girl gang in The Société today.

In there we’ll teach you how to work smart as well as hard, so you can earn more by doing less and get weekly blowouts instead of burnout.

We’re BossBabes.
What’s your superpower?

The time to find out is now.


At just 28-years-old, Natalie is one of the creators and strategist behind BossBabe, the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women. With a global online community of over 2 Million women, its mission is to inspire and support women to turn their dreams into a reality through building successful businesses.

Natalie is a self-made success story specializing in social strategy to scale your business in community growth and revenue rapidly and effectively. Through curated online courses, mentorship programs, in-person events, Natalie, along with Danielle has built BossBabe into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of just two years.

Natalie has worked with academic institutions and government organizations to advise on young entrepreneurship, as well as winning over 11 national awards for her work in the space. Natalie’s passion lies in empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to build and run successful businesses.

Based in Los Angeles, Natalie is also the voice behind The BossBabe Podcast with BossBabe Co-Founder Danielle Canty, where the two share a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful business and learning how to balance it all.

With passion in business strategy and female leadership, Danielle is the co-creator of BossBabe specializing in the brand’s operation and growth strategy. After starting her first business at 22, Danielle has gone on to become a serial, international 7-figure entrepreneur and is the COO and President at BossBabe.

As a trained business coach and a Doctor of Chiropractic, Danielle’s passions Iie in high performance, business strategy and operational scalability. Coupled with her understanding that success is more than just business skills but encompasses personal development, facing challenges head on and striving for the best version of yourself – Danielle’s impact is clearly seen in BossBabe’s mission and philosophy.

Based in Los Angeles, Danielle also co-hosts The BossBabe Podcast with Natalie, where the two share candid conversations and interview aspirational leaders across an array of industries.

Meet Other Women In Business

There’s no substitute for meeting like-minded people face-to-face. That’s why we regularly put on live events to sip champagne, connect with other Boss Babes, and learn from top industry experts!