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BossBabe Success Story: Integrative Therapist Yasmen Ahmed on Turning Sensitivity Into Strength

BY Jessica Martel

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We dove into our very own BossBabe community to share the stories of women who are chasing their dreams, taking our courses and killing the game. All with total transparency, and real talk behind the highlight reel. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting real-life BossBabes to learn how they get it all done and what they’ve learned along the way…

Meet Yasmen Ahmed. She’s an integrative therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Born in Egypt but raised in the UK, Yasmen currently lives in Dhabi. On the tails of a healthcare scare, after realizing that she was helping everyone else first, she took a deep dive into self-growth, self-care and the mind-body connection. Transforming her traditional therapy practice with some super cool modalities like Thetahealing® and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), this BossBabe leads with her superpower — sensitivity — showing women how to heal, feel heard and own their value. 

Yasmen came to BossBabe to grow her business and get super clear on her vision and goals. In just 2 months she went from chaotic to consistent, growing her Instagram from 3k to almost 5k in just 60 days. Here’s how she's started to scale…

What do you do + why do you do it?

I was born in Egypt, raised in the UK, and currently living in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I am a UK Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). I am also certified in a variety of healing modalities including Thetahealing® and more. Instead of the traditional Psychological model, I use a uniquely integrated approach to well-being inspiring individuals towards becoming their best selves.

I am an empath with a major sensitive streak that was drowning in an ocean of insecurities, negative self-talk and self-neglect for most of my life. Emotionally and physically, I hit rock bottom a few years ago and was faced with scary health results. This springboarded me into diving deeper into self-growth, self-care and the mind-body connection (which is why I trained in other healing modalities).

Inspire with Yas was created to be an easily accessible space that will allow me to reach, inspire and support more people not just my clients. To feel heard and valued. I believe in the power of words and community to inspire, heal and help us connect back to ourselves and light within.

Since starting this platform, I knew I needed to work with the best in the business to help me grow, get clear on my vision and goals. Which is why I am now working with BossBabe to scale my reach to my ideal clients and audience (which Bossbabe helped me achieve!) Bossbabe helped me get clear on my vision and purpose in inspiring as many people as possible.

 Why did you get started with BossBabe? What did you hope to gain?

I started to work with BossBabe to scale my business and reach to my ideal clients and audience (which Bossbabe helped me achieve!) Bossbabe helped me get clear on my vision and purpose in inspiring as many people as possible.

What was your business or life like before you took IGA? How has it changed?  

Before I joined IGA, my Instagram was chaotic. I'm a very creative person and constantly have so many ideas and inspiration rushing to me. But I needed structure. I needed a plan. I needed to get clear. The group of beautiful souls in the Facebook group- so supportive.

What are you most proud of since starting the program? 

I am most proud of the shift in mindset it has caused for me. I am proud of my consistency and really engaging with my IDEAL clients on a daily basis. So proud of how much clearer I am on my vision and plan.

You’ve rocked your results. What’s the #1 result or outcome you’re most excited about? 

My audience size was 3k and now I'm on 4k (nearly 5k) I've been using IGA for 2 months- but really taking my time and I keep going back to older modules to refresh and get a more specific and clearer vision of where I want to take my business.

What’s your superpower?

My heart and sensitivity allows me to easily connect and empathize with people and help them feel valued, accepted, truly listened to and seen.

What are some practical things you do to manage your time effectively?

Focus and time management is definitely a work in progress for me.

I use a timer on my phone for 20-minutes when I have a specific task to finish so I can focus solely on this one task so I don't get carried away with the time or with other ideas and things. I also keep a notebook next to me throughout to keep track of what I have accomplished and what still needs to get done. 

To-do lists work well for me. I also keep the notebook handy next to me as sometimes when I am working on one thing, I get random inspired ideas so it grounds me to write them down so I know they are out of my mind so I can continue focusing on what I need to get done.

What are your top 3 ways to deal with stress and/or practice self-care?
  1. For stress, I remind myself that everything (good or bad-especially the most difficult challenges) is happening FOR ME. Everything happens for a reason. I write this down every day.
  2. For self-care, I carve out a few minutes to always ask myself what I need every morning and write it down. What my heart, mind and body need before reacting to my day (which is why I created the free self-care planner pdf on my website for others to download and use daily too as this practice changed my life).
  3. For self-care, I also remind myself that SAYING NO to things that don’t serve me is crucial and is not “rude”. It’s important to create healthy boundaries with people, environments and events that don’t make you feel good.
Real talk. What’s one thing every BossBabe should remember when she feels defeated or ready to give up? 

That what she brings to this world is NEEDED. Her living her purpose no matter what field or niche she is in, is bringing so much value to people that she might not even know. She is needed and valued. She is changing lives by simply being her best self.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever followed through with?

To believe that everything happens FOR you not TO you. This was a game-changer for me as I have always believed that everything happens for a reason but this took it a notch further as it cemented to me that everything that happens is for my highest good.

To make it my mission every single day to make someone else’s day better (even if it’s just a smile)- I learned this from my father.

What’s one limiting belief that you’ve overcome + how?

That being “sensitive” is a bad thing, that it makes me “weak” as it caused me a lot of hurt in the past. But learning to accept myself fully and completely was the key. 

I learned that being “sensitive” is actually my superpower which allowed me to really connect, empathize and see people easily and help them in the best way possible. 

This was a key asset as a therapist and working in the healing space. I changed my belief that sensitivity is actually a STRENGTH in this society and world as I now embrace what I feel and help others accept their feelings too. I believe that is the first path to healing.

Where do you find motivation/ inspiration?

Everywhere. My daily life continuously inspires me. I am so blessed to be inspired daily from my supportive parents and two amazing sisters that I learn to be better from every single day. 

I mainly get so inspired by the individuals (and my clients) especially women who are carrying so much hurt, self-neglect and negative self-talk. It is those women who are burnt-out, overwhelmed and don’t give themselves the love or compassion they need that motivates me to grow this platform. 

I am also inspired by events and situations that occur that help me see the beauty in this world and the potential that we all have within. This is why I also love reading self-help, inspirational and real-life autobiographies of successful people to inspire me to keep going!

What’s your personal mantra?

Learning to love yourself is the greatest act of all.

What’s next for you and your business?

I’ll be providing more online resources such as blogs, eBooks & meditations to help women rekindle their light within on my website and social media.

I’ll also be launching private transformative online sessions for those wanting to take a deeper dive into their healing and growth. So sign up to the free mailing list to be kept in the loop!

What would you say to a BossBabe on the fence about growing their IG with IGA?

JOIN!!!!! It's literally the best investment — emotionally, personally and business-wise.

SPECIAL OFFER: Download a FREE self-care planner PDF from Yasmen Ahmed HERE.


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