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Let's face it, working from home every single day makes you more inclined to become a loner; a hard-working individual who gradually drifts away from social circles. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your alone time, besides, its in the nature of freelancing and owning your own business – to do things on your own.

The only downside is that too much of this isolation can leave you a wee bit F*$#ed up.

Real talk.

It makes you more prone to developing social anxiety, and depression. The very nature of the work is crazy too; working insane hours, our brains never turn off and we tend to neglect basic necessities (its 10 pm and I haven’t eaten dinner or showered, lol should probably do that).

A few weeks ago I went to a Fat Freddy's Drop (my fav) concert and found myself having a panic attack right in the middle of a massive crowd, it was the first time this has ever happened to me, I’ve NEVER had social anxiety and because this was all new to me, I had no idea what was going on.

Later on, It made me pick apart why this happened and honestly, my only conclusion was; I sit in a home office all week by myself. If I have an interaction, it's online or over the phone. This realization had me wondering, surely there are thousands of other entrepreneurs and freelancers out there with this issue.

I sat down and compiled a few ways for us to get out of these wee ruts and headspaces.

  • Schedule a weekend errand on a weekday (force having a social break within your work week)
  • FaceTime a friend while you're having a meal
  • Build an online tribe (or join the BossBabe Société)
  • Exercise to get out of your own head
  • Pump your workspace with a psychological impacting color
  • Get Plants in your workspace to create fresh flowing air
  • Plan at least 1 social gathering a month with friends to look forward to

Have you struggled with isolation or started developing social avoidance tendencies as a result of freelancing or working from home? What do you do to improve or change headspaces? DM me on Instagram with your tips and tricks: @suzy.broad

I would love to hear what you do or what you recommend!



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