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5 Healthy Ways to Deal With Loneliness when WFH 

BY Team BossBabe

Loneliness is an inevitable part of any entrepreneurial journey — especially if that journey involves working from home. In this article by cookbook author and seasoned freelance writer, Brandi Chang, you'll discover a few key strategies to ease loneliness and increase productivity while working from home…

Working from home has a nice ring to it, that is until you realize you’re now the only one refilling the coffee pot and you’ve actually started to miss the familiar smell of your co-worker’s #mealprep lunch. We can’t refill the coffee for you, but we can suggest a few WFH tips that can help refuel your days. 

Create a Playlist One of the easiest (and totally affordable) ways to combat loneliness under any circumstance is to listen to music. A little musical therapy can help create a greater sense of belonging and social presence — even in the absence of others. According to research neuroscientist Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, Ph.D., “the moment you hear a sequence of hierarchically organized abstract sounds we call music, a multitude of associations are activated in your brain.” These can include memories or emotions, that together, create a sense of human agency. This could explain why we feel less lonely when we listen to music. “The brain interprets the structure of the music as intentionality that is coming from a human agent,” he says. “This, combined with all the associations evoked by the music, is what makes the experience social.” 

Connect With Loved Ones Working from home can be a great time to reconnect with your family and friends. Set a goal to call or video chat at least one friend or family member per day. Get a group together for Zoom happy hour or download the Houseparty app, which allows you to host several “parties” at once. Did we just master the art of party hopping in our pajamas? 

Foster a Pet You don’t have to be Joe Exotic to appreciate the company of an adorable kitten or meme-worthy pup. A quick Google search will help you access your local rescue shelters and organizations. You can also follow local shelters on social media to get updates on their latest available pets. Warning: you may spend most of your WFH day bookmarking cute animals. 

Subscribe to New Podcasts Here at BossBabe we love a good podcast! Tuning into our favorite pods is a great way to pass time while working, cooking or jogging around the neighborhood. Whether you’re seeking daily news, career motivation, or guilty pleasure listening, there is literally a podcast out there for everyone. Our own BossBabe podcast is filled with inspiring interviews, career advice, and tons of tips to help you reach your full potential. 

Create a Routine Drawing up a realistic daily routine may be one of the greatest WFH hacks out there. Creating an effective plan-of-action each day can help reduce anxiety, increase productivity, and optimize your overall well-being. Start with practicing a light morning routine, choosing habits that elevate your mood and set you up for a successful day ahead — think meditation, coffee, workout, shower, breakfast. Supplement your morning routine with an equally satisfying nightly routine to 

bring your day to a peaceful rest. Here you can prioritize self-care with a hot bath or face mask. Or brew your favorite herbal tea and unwind with a good book. Whatever you choose, do what makes you feel good. Your mind loves a routine so treat it to one that works for you! 

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