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This Is The Best Evening Routine if You Work From Home

BY Courtney Moeslein

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5:00 PM approaches, and maybe you’re starting to pack up your bag and head home. You prepare for your 30-minute evening commute and pick up some takeout on your way. Once you pull in the driveway, you begin to go through your laundry list of to-dos. Your productive evening you had planned suddenly seems to be thought of the past.

If you’re working from home, you may find yourself staring at your computer screen long beyond your anticipated end time. You know you don't have a long commute home, and work is extra busy this week. 7:00 or 8:00 PM rolls around before you know it, and you still haven’t taken the time to start dinner, let alone begin to check some to-dos off of your personal list. You may be nodding your head – yes that's me, or maybe you feel that you are a go-getter kind of girl. Whether you’re finding your routine, or are looking for improvement, we are here to help!

Today, we are sharing 6 practical steps to create the ideal work from home evening routine.

Step 1: Commit to Ending Your Work Day

Working from home can make it difficult to finding a definitive end to your day. You already know that your commute home is non-existent, and 1 more email can turn into 100 more. While exceptions can be made, commit to end your work day at a specific time that works for you (and your company).

Take the time to log off of your computer, pack up your papers, and clear of your workspace to begin the next day. Committing the end your day can help you make the transition from work to personal life much simpler.

Step 2: Sweat It Out

Working from home means you have the opportunity to find extra time in your day, providing the perfect opportunity to sweat it out. If you're not feeling up for the gym, find an at-home workout that appeals to you. Go for a 30-minute run, or use an app for a guided home workout. Not sure where to start? We have you covered –


obé signature live and replay classes are 28 minutes and are structured across three pillars: Define, Sweat and Flow. These classes are upbeat, and are a fun and colorful way to end your day.


Peloton allows you to immerse yourself in a live studio experience in your home with cycling, running, yoga, outdoor, meditation, and strength classes. There's a large variety to choose from, and have classes that fit in even the busiest of schedules.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn provides one membership with thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home.

CorePower Yoga On Demand

CorePower Yoga On Demand offers the chance to flow, sweat and savasana – whenever, wherever.

Step 3: Cook a Balanced Meal

Working from home allows you to spend more time focusing on you and your health. Cooking doesn't have to be an all-night event. Choose a few nights a week to create a balanced meal (and enough to make leftovers for later in the week). Find a new recipe, or create a tried and true favorite. A home cooked meal can help you feel healthier, and helps you fuel your body post-workout!

Step 4: Set Yourself Up For Success the Next Day

Take 15 minutes to prep for the next day – lay out your clothes, clean off your desk – whatever makes you feel you are organized and ready to be successful. Write out your priorities to ensure you are reaching your goals and planning your day accordingly. Having your day laid out can ensure you are much more productive, and alleviate unnecessary distractions throughout your day.

Step 5: Spend Time with Family (or Friends)

When you work from home, you can find more time to spend with family (or friends). Have a movie or Netflix night, bring out a fun board game, or cook up a delicious dessert together. If you live alone, pick up the phone and video chat with friends and family, schedule a coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or invite your sister to yoga class!

Step 6: Rest and Repeat

Rest and rejuvenation are key to your long-term success. Commit to going to bed at a regular time each night. Working from home may tempt you to sleep in a bit later, but be sure you are setting your alarm to stick with your normal routine. Getting 8 hours of consistent sleep will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to tackle the day ahead.

Take the time to enact these 6 steps, and experience the profound benefits they can have on your work from home routine!


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