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Women Like You: Lindsey Head shares her key strategies for managing business growth from $750k to $10.6Million.

BY Sarah Jane Nyman

Lindsey Head

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Lindsey Head is an award-winning CFO who helped guide business growth from $750k to $10.6Million. She joins me today to share the secrets of turning small businesses into global companies and pursuing her dream of showing women across the globe how to know their worth and master their wealth. Let's dive in.


Lindsey, you have an incredible background as an award-winning CFO and financial & visionary leader, firstly, tell us how it all begin for you?

In college, I thought I would pursue a professional career as a computer programmer. However, after 1.5yrs of coding in college, I learned it was not for me and that a business degree would serve me better. 

I always felt I had a gift to see the big picture.  I wanted to do more than just learn how to do things, I wanted to understand how things worked – so I could make them work better or use systems in different ways to my benefit.  It’s as if I was born with part engineering mind paired with a creative mind.  

From a young age, I’ve had a passion for business and technology.  When I learned that I could pair this with my passion for finance, I began to realise that the opportunities were endless.

I was babysitting one day and the mother of the children I was tending to, asked me if I'd be available to manage the logistics of a home construction project.

Little did I know that this lady, Gina Kloes, would eventually become my mentor. She was a brilliant corporate attorney and businesswoman. I was eager to learn all I possibly could from her. This led us to work together and launch a money management firm back in 2004.

From the start, I was in the trenches… working extensive hours learning the ins and outs of business. I learned what it took to launch a successful company from scratch.  Everything from the corporate legal setup, designing the logo/branding, developing processes and procedures, identifying key outside vendors to partner with, to managing the financial books and records of the entire organization. You name it, I was lucky enough to get the hands-on business experience doing it, very early on in my career. 

With this experience, I craved being a leader in a business setting and guiding the big picture. 

That is exactly where I found myself in 2013, joining an international PR & social media agency as their executive CFO.  I had the opportunity to implement numerous systems to improve the business and manage the financial growth from $750k into $10.6Million.  We regularly exceeded industry financial key performance indicators (KPI's), while expanding to four offices, which led the way to becoming an award-winning, powerhouse agency. I will always be proud of the contribution I made and the inspirational women who I had the opportunity to work with.

By lending my expertise and knowledge to entrepreneurs, I’ve helped numerous business owners successfully grow their companies.  As a financial and visionary leader, I’ve been able to help business owners identify opportunities where they could improve. By implementing systems and processes to allow for rapid growth, you can positively impact the financial bottom line.


The success you consistently create for those you have worked for has been immense. You have turned endless small businesses into award-winning global companies. What's the secret?

Many business owners I’ve worked with are incredible visionaries and dreamers (as are most entrepreneurs).  They always seem to know where they want to go but may not understand exactly how to get there.  On multiple occasions, I have acted as the executor; the one making sure the puzzle pieces fit together to accomplish a common goal or fulfill on the vision of the company whilst at the same time keeping the day-to-day business running. 

I have a big-picture perspective and can envision how all the pieces must come together to accomplish the big task, expansion, or profitability goals. (similar to how an architect may envision building a custom home). 

Every piece is important as they all intertwine and build on one another to create a cohesive functioning and thriving business.
in addition to having the operational pieces in place, you must identify and retain a solid team. I believe that your team supports your dream and without key people, its  more difficult to thrive.


This is obviously your gift in life. How did you discover it and find your purpose?

I believe in people and their dreams and have always been inspired by women entrepreneurs! When I see the end result of contributing to these businesses in the start-up phase, I find fulfillment which reminds me that I am living my passion and my purpose. 

I find it so rewarding to help women on their journey in life and in business.  If I can play an integral part of that journey by offering a woman or entrepreneur the guidance, advice, and confidence they need to thrive, I feel like I have fulfilled my passion. 

It’s so funny to look back and acknowledge the journey I’ve been on; going from a heavy financial career in hedge funds to a mobile tech startup, to finding my groove spending the majority of my career leading the financial, business, and tech operations of a creative agency.  What is so beautiful about my personal journey is that I am now pursuing my own business ventures.  I have a creative consulting company called Creative C Suite and another company called Game Changer Women (which I co-founded with Gina Kloes) that will both make their debut in the fall of 2019.  With my own companies launching, I feel like I’ve come full circle.  I know my expertise can expand across industries and impact many.


Lindsey Head

“As women, we all face our own fires. Courage to walk through those fires starts with fear and a decision to walk through anyway” – Lindsey Head


Lindsey, I love your statement. I find fear can be very sneaky and manifest differently for everyone. What's the main way you see it manifesting in the entrepreneur?

So many people have incredible ideas. The majority of those people never take the first step towards acting on them. Most don't even contemplate what it might take to move those ideas forward due to fear.

I can relate.  At different points in my life, I’ve found myself in the same situation.  Battling with paralysis, not knowing how to move towards my goals or even knowing what they were. 

I’ve had to constantly find the courage within myself to go after my goals. I always knew myself to be the risk-taker. I'm the type who says “yes” to life and all that may come with it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve been through many challenges in my life; professionally and personally, yet, I know deep down that I was put on this earth to educate, thrive, and make a difference.

If we, as women, can redefine how we look at fear or be aware of how we react to fear, we can actually shift our response to feel bold and courageous when we experience fear.  It’s the “you’re stronger than you think, fearless mentality” that you must embrace at the moment. We must always remember that we have a choice in how we relate to our circumstances and to ourselves in the process.

I believe in living life full-out.  Yes, we all go through ups and downs when the flame we have doesn’t have the gusto to push us through.  Sometimes that’s a sign that you truly need to pause and enjoy where you are at – maybe it’s not your time, yet. You will know when it’s your time to pursue a new path. It is in that moment, that you must stare fear in the face (or whatever challenge) and literally jump (physically if you have to). You must do something that pushes you through and keeps you accountable. I know many people say they want to do something, but they have no support around them. As my husband always says, “one enkindled spirit, sets hundreds on fire!” 


Lindsey, you have grown through courage to reach massive success, with the helping hand of those around you, and for this reason, you are now taking the path to pursue your dream of being that helping hand to women who are ready to cross their fire. What are the main struggles you faced on your journey? 

One of my biggest challenges was making the decision to leave my executive job as a CFO to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launch my own companies.  I know how passionate I get when I hear that someone is bold enough to take the leap to follow their dreams, and it just became my time to follow my heart.  I have to practice what I preach.  I knew I could impact countless women and businesses if I went out on my own and began to educate women on their journey.  I have learned so much along the way that if I have the opportunity to share even a portion of what I’ve learned to make a difference, I have done my job.  My new company, Game Changer Women, was launched with exactly that in mind.  We show women how bad-ass they really are by owning their worth and mastering their wealth.


Lindsey Head


When a woman comes to you, what are the main struggles you see and how do you help them?

Many women I meet have challenges with self-confidence and trusting themselves with moving forward with a decision or an action. I also find that many don’t quite know how to organise their lives in order to sustain and support their endeavors. I love helping them with designing their life in a way that works for them and teaching them to respect finances during the process because wealth and worth are both equally important. 

Also, the biggest piece of advice I can offer is never stop moving forward.  Whatever decision you make is the best one you could have made at that point in time. You can never go backward, therefore always move forward. Never stand in one place.


What are the biggest mistakes you see entrepreneurs making? 

Many don’t start with the big picture or the end in mind. I encourage all entrepreneurs to set up and operate their businesses as if they are preparing for a future sale.  We are in business to make money after all.  If you haven’t planned, it’s not as likely to be a quick process or nearly as successful as it could be.  As part of this planning, entrepreneurs must learn to pay attention to their financials. If they are not familiar with financial statements, they need to learn to be or ensure they have hired people that know what they are doing.


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

I was once told w
hen embarking on a big life change or facing a challenge, it’s important to step back and ask yourself; if you were looking down at your child and trying to guide them with the best possible advice, what would you say?  Now listen to that same advice for yourself. 


Lindsey Head


What has been your biggest learning curve, throughout your journey?

Trusting myself and knowing my worth time and time again. When you are at the peak of your career and thriving, it’s important to have the self-awareness to gauge when it may be time for you to seek out opportunities. This will continue to challenge and expand your knowledge and capabilities. I also have learned that you must never stop taking initiative to build your network and key supporters. Most importantly, as a working mother, I have learned throughout my career to develop systems that create work/life balance.


 “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”


Lindsey, what keeps your internal fire burning so bright?

My family. As a working mother, every day I get to look into the eyes of my husband and my 2 young sons; 10mos old and 2.5yrs and know that I am setting an example for them.

I am inspired to make them proud and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. Life will absolutely throw you curveballs. It's important to navigate any obstacles and always continue to push forward. Create opportunities and build a network every step of the way.


Lindsey Head


Lindsey, what you bring to the world is incredible, you are an inspiration to women. Thank you for being part of our Women Like You series.

To find out how BADASS you really are, know your worth and master your wealth, visit www.gamechangerwomen.com


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