Rose Kirby
Rose Kirby

Today we are diving into how a successful business strategist, global wealth coach and TEDx speaker went from being put on medical leave after burning out whilst working as a consultant at a high-end strategy consulting firm and not having a clue what to do, crippled by fear of failure and judgment, to finding her soul’s mission in life and transforming female-led businesses across the world, by showing them how to reach their earning potential.



Rose, you are an inspiration to women. Tell us, what made you decide to become an entrepreneur and where did it all begin for you? 

That’s very kind! Well, I wanted to create a bigger, more meaningful impact and a bigger income. The only way I could see this being possible was to start my own business. 

But that really wasn’t my original plan as a teenager. I was one of those kids who got straight A’s at school and had ambitions of having a high-flying corporate job. I was one of the very few women from my university to get a top graduate job at McKinsey & Co. and I thought I was on the right track. But despite being deeply grateful for my experience and training in my job, it wasn’t for me and I realised I’d made a wrong turn.  


Whilst working for McKinsey & Co. you didn’t understand what was happening to you, but something didn’t feel right, you went to HR and the only way your brain could conjure up those feelings was by saying you felt “burnt out”.  Tell us, what you now know to be the reason you were feeling this way.

In hindsight, I was burnt out for a number of reasons. I wasn’t living by my core values of freedom, impact, and adventure. I subconsciously thought security and status were what I valued most, but I discovered this wasn’t true and that freedom was most important. The job also wasn’t playing to my strengths, which meant I was leaving my potential on the table and that was frustrating.

I felt like I had to mold myself into someone else in the corporate world and I found myself pretending to be someone else. The gap between who I was and how I was being, got so great that it was exhausting trying to play the game every day and along with the mental misalignment, the hours and the work as a McKinsey consultant are really tough. I was physically exhausted.


Rose, you left your job with no plan and no idea where to begin. At this point in your life, how did you cultivate the mindset to move forward?

A big part of it was trusting myself enough to keep going, even when everything was so uncertain and scary. Self-trust is a hugely underrated trait in entrepreneurship.

I also hired mentors to help me build my inner strength up, but the thing that supported me the most was a deep inner knowing that there was something bigger for me on the other side and if I gave up, I knew that inner voice would never go away. 

“Ultimately, I knew that by staying inside my fear, I wouldn’t be able to help the people who I was meant to help. That was a huge driving force for me.”


How did you find your true calling/purpose in life?

It took some time but it was a combination of things. 
I looked at my life so far and thought about all the things I was good at and loved doing. There were big themes around women, small business owners and money.

I experienced a really powerful vision that resulted in a mission statement around women and money. It took some time to understand what it meant but I finally realised that financially empowering women is exactly what I was meant to be doing.


What is driving your mission, Rose?

My mission is to help women attract and steward money for the greater good of the individual and the world.

What I do is all about putting more money into the hands of happy women. I believe that the way women manage, spend and invest money is incredibly supportive of others. 

“As women with money, we have immense power to do incredible things for ourselves, our families and our communities.” 

However, most of us are simply not wired to succeed as money-making business owners. We all carry money baggage (the subconscious beliefs and emotions around money, success and ourselves that hold us back from making and keeping the money we desire). 

After working my way through rewiring my beliefs, I knew I wanted to support other women in doing the same. 

Rose Kirby


You are a business strategist and global wealth coach, how do you turn OFF your negative thoughts and insecurities about making money?

I have so much to say about this! 

When I found myself feeling uncomfortable about asking people to pay me, I knew I had to dive into what was leading me to feel this way, because it was clearly holding me back.

I uncovered a bunch of subconscious beliefs that I had no idea existed. These were driving my thoughts and limiting my success.

I did work to shift and install more supportive beliefs around money, my favourites being “I deserve wealth and success, just like everyone else”, “There is always more than enough for everyone”, “I’m more than good enough to create the success I want” and “More money allows me to do more good in the world”.

“Turning off the negative thoughts about making money is a process and there is always internal work to do to feel fully aligned with the money you’re creating.”


Tell us, when a client comes to you, what problem do you solve?
(can they always recognise what they need help with)

Clients come to me when they know there’s more income available for them in their business, but are unable to tap into it. They feel stuck at a certain level, despite working really hard. I help them identify and implement what they need to unlock their earning potential.

You need two things to do this. A business strategy and Inner Wealth Work®. It’s often the mindset piece that holds people back the most.


If you had to start your business again, is there anything you would do differently?

I would stop trying to figure things out in isolation! And by that, I mean thinking and planning without enough information. 

I would go out and speak to the people I wanted to serve, to understand how I could help them. It sounds silly because it’s so obvious, but I see many people thinking of ideas and plans but rarely having the conversations to get the information they need to make good decisions from the beginning. I went around in circles for a long time trying to figure it out.


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Relationships are key. You can’t build a healthy business without having a strong network around you including peers, as well as mentors, coaches and collaborative partners. This is something I’m focusing on and I’m seeing the benefits in both my mindset and my income.


What is your biggest learning curve throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

Being an entrepreneur is a constant learning curve. The biggest shift for me has been to stop thinking like an employee or a student, expecting a coach or mentor to show you what to do (employee mindset) or just focussing on learning, rather than implementing (student mindset) and instead, to start thinking like a business owner. Even when we think we’re being an entrepreneur, we’re not often thinking like one! 

As entrepreneurs, I’ve learned we have to focus on spending our time on sales, serving and relationship-building. We must prioritize money-making to have a sustainable business because both I, and many others, unconsciously avoid making this a daily priority.


What do you love best about being an entrepreneur?

I love that I get to choose what kind of impact I want to create, the type of work I do and the income I want to make.

There are ZERO limits on what’s possible for you and there’s never been a better time in history to become a female business owner. The resources available are incredible.

“The only limitation is ourselves and that’s why I love helping women drop their self-imposed barriers and empower them to unlock their full earning potential.”

Rose, thank you for being part of our woman like you series and sharing your inspiring story.  

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Rose Kirby

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