Bri Seeley
Today we are diving into how Bri Seeley, a business mentor and best selling author struggled for years and at one point, could see no light at the end of the tunnel. She has since been on an incredibly inspirational journey and tells us how she was unknowingly keeping herself stuck, how fear can manifest and how she created a life of freedom and impact through entrepreneurship. Let’s dive in!


Bri, tell us what made you want to become an entrepreneur?

Bri Seeley A:
Honestly, I didn’t ever set out to be an entrepreneur! Becoming an entrepreneur through starting a creative side hustle is what made me fall in love with entrepreneurship. What I found in my journey of building and growing my first business was a deep fulfilment sparked by freedom and impact.

After growing up and witnessing my mom’s challenging path with entrepreneurship, I didn’t think it was a path I wanted to journey down. But what I found was I had the power to create my own experience of entrepreneurship. Once my business really began to take off I was able to understand why entrepreneurship is the only path I will ever choose.


You have been through a lot in your life, tell us where you found the courage to keep going despite the obstacles you faced.

Bri Seeley A:
I have always been very clear about who I am and what I want. I almost never know how it’s all going to play out, but being connected to my unapologetic truth (which has become my north star) supports me in seeing what’s important clearly. I sometimes wonder if it’s courage or simply being stubborn! 

When I bump up against an obstacle or defeating moment, I let myself stay in bed, feel sad, scared, grieve and pout. I can’t deny those feelings, but I also don’t let them control me. I give myself space to process and heal, then get up the next day and keep going. I fix my focus on my North Star and hire healers to help me do the deep work. I have so many more important things to do than dwell on the bumps in the road!


During the first 8 years of your entrepreneurial journey, you felt you wasted years of your life, tell us more.

Bri Seeley A:
The first eight years of my journey I had a day job. It wasn’t the job which was the issue, it was that I was using the job as a crutch. I had a secure income which meant I didn’t push myself to grow my business. I didn’t have a reason to expand past my comfort zone. I thought I could build an empire without getting my hands dirty or taking any risks. Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

At that point in my entrepreneurial journey my business was more of a hobby and I was more focused on the daily tasks of my fashion brand, rather than the development of my long-term growth strategy and the development of myself as the successful leader of my business. I didn’t know how to make money in my business. I didn’t have the mindset of success. I didn’t have empowering personal habits. I wasn’t taking inspired actions everyday to change my results. And I didn’t use that time with a steady income to develop these things within myself.

By the time I committed to taking my business seriously and growing as an entrepreneur, I no longer had a job or a pay check. I had to scramble to make money, while developing my habits of success and working on my mindset. Not to mention, while also running a business. I say I “wasted” those years because I feel as if I could have used the financial security from my job as a base to support me while I focused on learning everything I could about entrepreneurship.

I do my best to not regret anything, and it is a bit hard to look back on those eight years without a twinge of “I wish I had made different choices.”


Tell us, at what point did you decide to become a business coach and why did you want to make this transition? (was it because of what you experienced trying to bring a previous idea to life).

Bri Seeley A:
I began diving into my higher purpose and connecting with my spirituality in 2009. The more I understood about myself and worked on developing my vision, the more uncomfortable it became to run my fashion brand.

I was frustrated every day, didn’t enjoy the industry, was racking up debt and simply couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn’t have the perspective to put my finger on it at the time, but looking back I can clearly see how fashion wasn’t aligned with my core values or my mission.

I was in meditation one afternoon in 2015, when I heard a very clear, “Fashion isn’t it. Shut it down. Walk away.” 72-hours later I announced that I was closing my brand effective immediately. With no business, a completely blank slate and loads of time on my hands, I began to explore what was next for me.

One day while cleaning out my email inbox, I came across a bunch of emails {ones I didn’t remember receiving} from women who wanted to start businesses and create their own path. They had reached out to me with questions about how I had built a successful business and if I could mentor them.

At the time I had declined given that I only saw myself as a Fashion Designer. I was mentoring my interns, but didn’t want to take on additional mentees. Re-reading those emails ignited within me the spark which is now my business. I realized I had an innate skill in entrepreneurship which not everyone possessed. I took the leap and haven’t looked back since!


You are the author of the best selling book, Permission to Leap, what inspired you to write this?

Bri Seeley A:
The inspiration to become an author came through another meditation! I clearly get a lot of guidance and insights from meditation!

Once I was inspired to write the book, the question became: what do my clients, customers and community come to me for more than anything? The answer was clear: guidance when they’re making major life changes.

I began listening and watching what people were struggling with even more closely. I saw the difficulty my community was having taking the leap from their current circumstances into new ventures. It illuminated for me a previously unrecognized Zone of Genius.

When I was 17 I left high school a year early, leaping into the unknown to attend a college I had never even visited before. At the age of 20, I applied for a Visa and hopped the second flight of my life to live in Italy for two years. At the age of 23, I leapt into entrepreneurship. Year after year, I took leaps of faith into jobs, businesses, new cities, partnerships, adventures and more. Each one without ever looking back.

Reflecting and witnessing gave me the perspective to realize this ability was not one everyone possessed. But I knew it was something everyone could possess. I recognized the potential laying dormant in so many.

‘Permission to Leap’ was written to help everyone understand the psychology and neurology behind the fears which keep us shackled to our comfort zones. I filled the pages with studies, personal stories and applicable tools to help anyone transcend their current reality to leap into their dreams.

Bri Seeley Permission to leap


What advice would you give to someone who could be unknowingly keeping themselves stuck? Tell us, how fear can manifest, how to recognise it and how to make the vital move to step outside of your comfort zone

Bri Seeley A:
The top two fear behaviours I see in clients is procrastination and lack of focus, but it’s good to know fear can manifest in a variety of ways.

The way fear manifests in your life may be completely different. 

The best way to recognize it is to pay attention to your thoughts, your habits, your actions and your patterns. Only when you can shine a heightened awareness onto your behaviours, thought patterns and more, is when you can make a shift.

I recommend a process of heightening awareness, digging deep within to identify the core trigger, investigating whether or not this fear is true, reframing the fear into empowerment and then repeating the empowering perspective over and over again until it sticks.


Bri, your multi-faceted coaching approach is unique, tell us more about this.

Bri Seeley A:
Everyone has a unique entrepreneurial path within them waiting to be discovered. My job isn’t to tell people how to walk it, but rather, my job is to hold space for them to discover their path for themselves through loads of guidance, tools and poignant questions.

Your thumbprint is unique and one-of-a-kind, why would your business or your entrepreneurial journey be any different?

If I were to approach every client with the assumption of their journey’s being identical, I would be doing a massive disservice to my clients. What I do with people is approach mindset, growth strategy and leadership from varied perspectives so we can zero in on the right steps you need to take from the beginning. 

The varying perspectives I tap into with clients to grow themselves and build their businesses include:

  • Healing the past {and} Creating the future
  • Conscious adjustments {and} Subconscious reprogramming
  • Energetic alignment {and} Tangible inspired action
  • Inspiring you into your greatness {and} Propelling you past your perceived limitations

If you are hiring a coach, consultant or mentor, steer clear of templated step-by-step approaches. You and your business deserve to be guided by someone who will hold space for you as the one-of-a-kind leader you are, while they guide you to develop your creative growth strategy for your business. 


What are the main struggles you see when women come to you, and how do you help them?

Bri Seeley A:
There are two things I see consistently:

  1. Women who want to become entrepreneurs, but don’t know where to begin. And,
  2. Women who have started their business and are ready to grow beyond where they are.

There’s a huge misconception when it comes to entrepreneurship: most people think entrepreneurship is about growing a business, when in reality it’s about growing yourself.

While I help women become entrepreneurs and find their path to entrepreneurial success, everything I do starts within them. We begin by focusing on their habits, beliefs and values, then progress into their business structure and foundation, and progress into strategies for growth and scaling.


If you had to start your entrepreneurial journey again, what would you do differently?

Bri Seeley A:
I would start doing the inner work sooner because what I know now is that entrepreneurship starts within. When I started this journey, I was very focused on the daily tasks of getting to the next milestone but I didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t have a vision for my long-term growth and success. 

Plus, I had so many outdated and unaligned beliefs about money which I wish I had addressed sooner. I really had no idea how beliefs created our realities when I began my entrepreneur journey. As a result, I walked into entrepreneurship with a mindset around money which caused me to struggle for many years. It was in learning to identify, discern and rewrite my beliefs that my business really began to take off.

Sometimes I wonder where my business would be if I had began on the inner journey sooner. I can see how much momentum, growth and success I’ve created in four short years since I began doing the inner work… What would I have created with an extra nine years of inner growth work? I guess I’ll know the answer to this in 2028!


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Bri Seeley A:
The first time I sat in front of my mentor Sahar, she breathed into me such an incredible belief in what she saw within me. She believed in me more than I did at that point in time. Her belief in me helped me believe in myself more. On the days when I couldn’t see past my fears, I would hear her voice in my mind. I would hear the echo of her words filled with a strong, unwavering faith in who I am meant to be in the world.

I have been able to lean on her belief in me regularly in the last six years. It has helped me overcome incredible obstacles and reach for my dreams in a way I never had before. And while I believe everyone needs to be their own biggest advocate, sometimes we need help from an outside advocate to get us there.

Advice is something I am very purposeful and selective about seeking. If you are seeking advice in your business, make sure that you seek it from people who are qualified to give advice on the area’s you are needing guidance. Make sure you go to people who can see your big-picture vision clearly and who have already been where you want to go or already created what you want to create. 


Bri, what is driving your mission?

Bri Seeley A:
My passion is in helping these change makers build their businesses successfully so they can make a huge impact in the world. What gets me out of bed everyday is being able to help entrepreneurs use their vision and power to create financial freedom in their lives that leads to seismic impact in the world. 

We are at a pivotal point in our history where we as citizens are going to be the ones making the radical changes humanity is now requiring. Our systems and structures are breaking down on a governmental level and proving to be more and more ineffective. The future of our world is in the hands of those willing to do something about the changes they wish to see in the world {aka: entrepreneurs!}.


Bri, you are such an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing your story with our readers.
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